MHIA Warehousing Logistics Fundamentals Course Benefits US Marine Corps

Friday, February 01, 2008

In the military, logistics is all about the planning, organization and movement of troops, supplies and equipment. Much the same can be said about how warehouses and distribution centers operate.

Marines attending the recent Fundamentals of Warehousing course provided by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) recognized the similarities between the two.

Allan Howie, MHIA (far right) instructed a class of Marines in warehousing fundamentals at the Marine Corps Institute in Washington, DC

The four-day course is offered semi-annually to active Marines at the Headquarters of the Marine Corps Institute (MCI) in Washington DC. The MCI distributes educational materials to Marines deployed worldwide.

The course defines warehousing and distribution terms and identifies major material handling functions. An exam follows the course, and certificates given to those with passing grades.

“ The course provides Marines a broader knowledge base of warehousing and distribution over and above the current systems and procedures at the MCI,” says the program’s author and instructor, Allan Howie.

Howie is MHIA’s Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development.

“ These Marines have a working knowledge of the MCI equipment and systems, but they don’t always know the terminology associated with processes or equipment,” explains Howie. “It’s not unusual to hear one of the participants say so that’s what that’s called!”

The Marines often use the course to build a career track in the military and later in civilian life.

“Familiarity with terminology and functions of equipment and systems is necessary for the civilian employment application process,” Howie says. “Potential employers seek qualified individuals with a working knowledge of warehousing and distribution.”

The Fundamentals of Warehousing course can also be adapted for other branches of the military. For more information, contact Allan Howie at 800-345-1815/704-676-1190 or