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Quantronix, Inc. is the producer of CubiScan® cubing and weighing systems. These devices are used to automate the process of measuring the dimensions and computing the volume of freight in transportation and distribution applications. All information captured is electronically stored and transferred to a host computer via a variety of communication protocols.

Quit using the tape measure and start using a CubiScan dimensioning and weighing system to optimize your entire warehouse and eliminate rising shipping costs. Our passion for cubing has lead to the development of the broadest product range of automated dimensioning and weighing systems. CubiScans are capable of measuring boxes, irregular shapes, crates, or large palletized freight for static or in-motion applications. The dimensional data collected by CubiScan equipment helps:
1 - Maximize storage space and slotting assignments
2- Select proper carton sizes for order picking
3- Determine optimal load planning


CubiScan 100 - The global standard for cubingThe CubiScan 100 dimensioning and weighing system is designed to measure boxes, plus many irregular-shaped items, as a static system or a complete portable cubing device. This measuring system has been the global leader for static cubers for almost 30 years.Download
CubiScan 110 - Static and shipping station cubersThe CubiScan 110 has been engineered to increase measuring capacity for cases, as well as individual odd-shapes. The CubiScan 110 measuring platform was designed for all shipping/packing stations and its easy pass-through motion allows for quicker processing of daily shipments.Download
CubiScan 1200-AKL - Pallet Dimensioning SystemsThe CubiScan 1200-AKL is a large-scale static dimension scanning device that can work in conjunction with a heavy-capacity floor scale. Discover how the CubiScan 1200-AKL can help eliminate costly charge backs, or minimize heavy dimensional weight shipping costs.Download
CubiScan 125 - Boxes & Odd shape cubing comboToss the tape measure and accurately measure all your cases, and irregular shaped items, on one, simple to use, dimensioning system. The static CubiScan 125 can be portable, or can be placed in a shipping/receiving dock to measure those new items arriving to your DC. The CubiScan 125 measuring and weighing device is a must for all warehouses.Download
CubiScan 150 - Cubing/Manifesting WorkstationThe CubiScan 150 is robust, with a maximum measurement range of 39 x 40 x 48 inches and a net weight capacity of 150 lbs . Yet it is precise, with a measurement resolution of 0.1 inches and weight resolution of 0.05 lbs. Discover how the CubiScan 150 can help eliminate costly charge-backs and minimize dimensional weight shipping costs.Download
Realize Measureable Benefits Using CubiScanRealize Measureable Financial Benefits Using CubiScan Technology CubiScanDownload


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