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Tompkins International is a supply chain consulting and implementation firm that maximizes supply chain performance and value creation. We enable clients to be more profitable and valuable, while also becoming more agile, flexible, and adaptive to the marketplace. Tompkins collaborates with client teams to develop improved operations strategies, supply chain planning, and execution across all the Mega Processes of supply chains (PLAN-BUY-MAKE-MOVE-DISTRIBUTE-SELL). Tompkins is headquartered in Raleigh, NC and has offices throughout North America and in Europe and Asia.

Tompkins International’s Material Handling Integration solutions offer greater thought around real needs and balance costs with benefits, instead of simply relying on equipment. While many companies design facilities that depend heavily on conveyors and other mechanization, there are smarter design solutions that provide more productivity, throughput, and flexibility—often with less capital investment.


Biggest Supply Chain Challenges of 2014Discover the greatest short-term and long-term supply chain challenges facing today’s executives. How do they compare to the challenges of your supply chain?Download
Creating a Successful Network Design: Starts with There needs to be an operations strategy when designing a supply chain network. There are many things involved in designing a well oiled, effective, and profitable supply chain. A business must understand what functionalities and performance is expected from the network design. Download
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Retail Backrooms - A Revolution in Roles and BusinRetail backrooms are becoming more critical than ever in today’s evolving omnichannel world. Regardless of the product or market, retailers need to reevaluate how they are utilizing their backrooms. This white paper exposes a new way of thinking about backrooms and answers today’s most pressing questions about them. What role do they play in supplyDownload
The Evolution of Goods-to-Person Order FulfillmentThis paper investigates the eight major advantages of today’s systems, as well as design considerations in order to achieve the highest payback possible.Download
Tompkins Warehouse Control System Overview Tompkins Warehouse Control System Overview Download
What Is Supply Chain Network Design and Why Is It The primary purpose of a supply chain network design is to assess company policies and programs and to meet targets to accomplish long-term strategic objectives.Most business units or functional areas within a company are impacted by a network design project.Download


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