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Egemin Automation specializes in automated material handling equipment and software, including the manufacturing of automated guided vehicles and integration with automated storage and retrieval systems and conveyors. Our complete line of AGVs handles a variety of load sizes and offers advanced vehicle controls and navigation technologies. Our AGVs can be configured as forklifts, clamps, VNA (very narrow aisle), unitload, tugger, hybrid, automatic trailer loading or unloading, or custom. Guidance options available include laser, inertial, wire or optical.


Automatic transport via E'gv® Compact 10k Tuggers AER Manufacturing is a combustion engine manufacturer in the Dallas, TX area. AER builds OEM replacement motors for many major automobile manufacturers in the U.S. such as Ford, GM, and Nissan, and also has their own product line. Between multiple plants in the Dallas area, AER builds all components and completes final assembly of the motors. Download
Egemin E'car (AS/RS)Egemin E'car stacker cranes (AS/RS), along with E'wms, fulfill your dense storage needs without manual intervention.Download
Egemin E'gv CatalogEgemin's E'gv Catalog, showing a variety of vehicles built by Egemin in Michigan or Belgium.Download
Egemin Fork AGVsEgemin Fork E'gvs come in a variety of chassis and attachment styles to suit needs of any facility. They're flexible, highly capable, and extremely safe vehicles.Download
Egemin Life Cycle ServicesEgemin Life Cycle Services (LCS) manages the installation process and care for your system through its life cycle. LCS also completes a large number of other services, many of which are outlined in this leaflet.Download
Egemin North AmericaAbout Egemin Automation's North America DivisionDownload
E'gv Compact Counterbalance ForkThe E'gv Compact series is a small AGV product designed for simple moves with a lower starting cost and smaller size. The Counterbalance Fork model is ideal for point-to-point, single-height racking, floor storage, and a plethora of other moves in your facility.Download
E'gv Compact Product Line LeafletThe E'gv Compact product line is designed as an entry-level AGV for various simple moves in a facility. It comes in a variety of attachments.Download
E'gv Compact TuggerThe E'gv Compact Tugger vehicle is capable of towing 10k lbs. It is small and light-weight but powerful.Download
E'wms (Egemin Warehouse Management System)Egemin's E'wms software supports all moves in your facility. It communicates with your ERP system and logically stores your goods in the most efficient manner throughout your facility. It comes with standard modules and has custom modules (such as automatic trailer loading/unloading) available as well.Download
Hybrid E'gvsEgemin Hybrid E'gvs are built on KION North America (STILL or Linde) manual trucks and equipped with the Automation Pack, enabling them to move as fully automated AGVs or be controlled by an operator as a manual truck, providing greater flexibility for your facility's needs.Download
VNA E'gvEgemin's VNA trucks are STILL VNA trucks with the Automation Pack, enabling narrow aisle vehicles to run in fully automatic mode.Download


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