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For over 70 years, Fortna® has partnered with the world’s top brands to transform their distribution operations into a competitive advantage. Fortna helps clients make and keep bold promises to their customers – fast, accurate and cost-effective fulfillment consistently at every touchpoint, across every channel. Our expertise spans distribution strategy, distribution center operations, material handling automation, supply chain systems and warehouse execution systems. We built our firm on a promise – we develop a solid business case for change and hold ourselves accountable for results.


11 Key Questions When Adding a Distribution CenterExpanding your Distribution Network? These 11 questions will help you understand the issues to consider and the stakeholders to involve when expanding your distribution network.Download
11 Steps to Aligning Your Distribution NetworkDetermining the best distribution network design can be challenging. This article outlines the 11 steps needed to design a network that lines up with your unique business model while maximizing customer service and minimizing operating costs, capital investment and risk. Download
2 + 2 = Three? Expanding Your Production ScheduleAre you thinking about adding another shift to meet growing demand? Adding another shift to your production schedule is more complex than it sounds, and isn’t always the best answer. To understand the pros and cons, read this article about expanding production shifts.Download
7 Omni-channel Lessons LearnedAre you ready to make the transition to omni-channel distribution where you share inventory across channels? This article covers the unique challenges of designing and operating an omni-channel DC.Download
Aligning Fulfillment Operations with Channel MixYou are being asked to adapt to new channels, competitors and challenges as a result of changes in customer expectations. Does your fulfillment strategy align with your changing channel mix? Should you manage fulfillment in shared or separate operations for optimal results? This article will guide you to better decision making.Download
Building a Business Case for MHSThis paper provides a detailed overview of the fundamental financial terms and methods to use when conducting this type of evaluation. It includes other decision impacting factors to be considered when developing and presenting your business case. Download
Distribution System Design Pt 1Designing a distribution center is no simple matter. And implementing expensive distribution systems doesn't guarantee success. This white paper discusses the principles of good distribution design and what it takes to build a high-performance distribution center. Topics include the role of data analysis and how to select the best storage media.Download
Distribution System Design Pt 2In this white paper, we discuss the principles of facility design and special considerations related to order picking, automation, space allocation and technology. For more about laying the foundation for an effective and efficient facility design, see part I of this white paper series. Download
How to Lower Risk in DC Design & ImplementationDistribution Center projects often require major investment and significant change. A misguided or poorly planned investment in the design and implementation of your distribution facilities can be devastating to your business. A proven way to mitigate this risk is to take a comprehensive approach during the facility design process. Download
The Case for SKU ManagementYou continue to add new products to attract new customers and increase sales. But more SKUs add complexity and cost to your distribution operations. And strained capacity can impact customer service and productivity. This article will help you assess the full impact of SKU proliferation and develop a business case for what to do about it.Download
The DC of the FutureAre you leveraging today’s technology to prepare your organization for the future? Are you ready for the next wave of technologies from wearables to mobile manufacturing to the Internet of Things?Download
The Last 100 Yards: Shelf-driven SCMCompanies often make well-intentioned decisions to improve DC operations that negatively impact their overall supply chain cost and efficiency. Read about how some companies are taking a closer look at the last 100 yards of the supply chain to ensure efficiencies gained in the DC are not lost through inefficient store replenishment processes.Download
Tipping Point AnalysisThe State of US Logistics report suggests continued market uncertainty. A look at unemployment, debt/credit markets, and consumer confidence indexes point to the same conclusion. So how do you develop your strategy when the future is so uncertain? Tipping Point Analysis gives leaders confidence in strategic decisions, even under changing conditionsDownload

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