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Sentry Protection Products is a world-wide leader in impact-absorbing protective products. For the past 20 years Sentry has introduced award-winning products designed to protect your building's assets from vehicle impacts. Column Sentry® protects interior building columns from forklift collisions. Rack Sentry® protects rack uprights from forklift collisions. Concrete Wrap™ adds a padded layer of protection to concrete covered columns. Park Sentry® protects any sized 4-sided concrete column from vehicle impacts. Guard Post™ is a lightweight, portable visibility bollard. Collision Sentry® is a self powered blind-corner collision warning system designed to snap onto existing pallet rack corners.

This year Sentry introduces the new Column Sentry® FIT, designed to fit any column and protect all sides. And the new Rack Sentry® CONTOUR, a new shape in energy-absorbing rack protection


Collision Sentry®Information sheet on the new Collision Sentry product. Download
Collision Sentry® - Always on GuardCollision Sentry® can help reduce or eliminate “blind corner” collision accidents in industrial buildings by providing a visual warning that alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians to approaching traffic. Working like a traffic light to flash a warning, Collision Sentry is easy to install, self-powered, highly visible and reliable.Download
Column SentryThis brochure provides information on the Column Sentry® product Column Sentry is the original column protector, made to easily attach to interior building columns to protect from forklift collisions. Available in 15 sizes to fit virtually all building columns.Download
Column Sentry® FITColumn Sentry FIT is a patented 4-part column protector designed to custom FIT your column exactly. It provides 360 degree protection and absorbs the force of fork truck impactDownload
Corner Sentry™This brochure shows the Corner Sentry™ product from Sentry. Corner Sentry provides impact-absorbing protection for the corners of buildings.Download
Guard PostSentry Guard Post is an attractive highly visible bollard post, designed to work with lightweight non-corrosive plastic chain. It's an attractive alternative to construction style traffic cones and caution tape. Download
Park Sentry®This brochure provides information on the new Park Sentry® product from Sentry. Park Sentry is designed to protect any 4-sided concrete column efficiently in a low-profileDownload
Rack Sentry®This brochure includes information on the Rack Sentry® products. Rack Sentry is the easiest way to add protection to pallet rack uprights. Rack Sentry is installed, without tools, directly to the front of the rack upright and absorbs impact from forklift collisions. No need to drill into the floor to install Rack SentryDownload
Sentry ProductsThis brochure includes brief information on all of Sentry's protection products. Download


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