About STAHL CraneSystems, Inc.

STAHL CraneSystems offers a comprehensive program of Hoists and Crane Components. Optimally combined and customized for individual applications, STAHL components form the basis for productive Crane System solutions.
For over 120 years, STAHL CraneSystems has been involved in the supply of Hoist and Crane system Components with our quality serving as a benchmark for the industry. STAHL CraneSystems complies with regulations, but more importantly is constantly setting new standards, including its company-wide systematic quality assurance system.
STAHL CraneSystems offers everything necessary for the realization of Crane and Hoist system solutions utilizing standard engineered components. As a manufacturer we offer:
- More than 120 years of industry experience
- 1 to 5 ton capacity Electric Chain Hoists
- 1 to 135 ton capacity Wire Rope Hoists and Winches
- Comprehensive Crane Kit Program
- A world leader for Explosion Proof Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists and Crane Components


AS HoistAS Hoist cut-a-way Download
SH Ex Zone 1 HoistSH Ex Zone 1 Hoist cut-a-way Download
SH Ex Zone 2 HoistSH Ex Zone 2 Hoist cut-a-way Download
SH HoistSH Hoist cut-a-way Download
ST Electric Chain HoistST Electric Chain Hoist BrochureDownload
ST05 Chain HoistST05 Chain Hoist cut-a-way Download
ST10-60 Chain HoistST10-60 Chain Hoist cut-a-way Download

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Marc Philipp, Managing Director
Phone: 843-767-1951
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