About Axium Inc.

Axium is specialized in robotic material handling and assembly. Axium designs, manufactures and installs a complete range of automated solutions for robotic material handling (palletizing, depalletizing, case packing, and peripheral equipments) and transformation of plastic products. Axium solutions meet all clients’ needs as for factory and manufacturing automation, in most industries: Food, dairy, consumer goods, beverages, tissue, distribution centers, folding carton, automotive.

Axium has realized more than 2000 projects and integrated more than 500 robots throughout Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe.

Axium is a company member of the Axium group. Other members are Enico (process & integration), SPG (vision & robotics), Emergik (engineering recruitment) and Axium Europe in Croatia.

Our mission: Axium’s mission is to design, manufacture and market successful large-scale robotic solutions, for complex material handling and plastic products transformation environments.


  • Axium's Robotic Palletizing Solution

  • Axium's Robotic Welder for Hyundai ADA

  • Axium's Robotic End of Press Palletizing System -

  • Axium's Robotic Rotary Welder for Zeta Tank

  • DP240 Robotic Layer Handling Solution

  • ROP 2000 - Mixed Load Palletizing System


Folding Carton Robotic SolutionsAxium offers several solutions for the folding carton industry: End of Press, Feeder and Sorter, Palletizer.Download
Layer Depalletizer - DP240Axium’s DP240 layer depalletizer yields optimal flexibility and secure product transfer using bottom layer support technology. Our unique end of arm tool, coupled with an industrial robot, can handle any type of product (closed cases or cartons, open trays, shrink wrapped trays, etc.) securily and without damage at rate up to 240 layers per hour.Download
Mixed Load Palletizing - ROPAxium’s ROP is an innovative solution to meet the growing demand for true mixed load palletizing system. Using powerful combinatorial algorithms in its CubeIQ software, the ROP robotically builds stable pallets from unlimited SKU database at speeds up to 1750 cases per hour. Handles closed cartons, totes, open top cartons, shrink wrapped trays...Download
Plastic Fuel tank WeldingAxium’s plastic fuel tank robotic welding line performs all the operations required in the welding process using automatic or manual tank loading and unloading. This line is based on a modular concept that is generally refered to as skid concept. Download
Robotic Material Handling SolutionsAxium offers robotic material handling several solutions: Palletizer, depalletizer, case packer, etc.Download
Scalabale Palletizing Solution - IXOFlexIxOflex is a flexible palletizing system that handles any combination of infeed / outfeed conveyors up to 4 IN / 4 OUT. The complete solution includes pallet dispenser, conveyor network and row forming equipment. Ideal for meeting quality objectives, it ensures performance, optimizes palletizing and carries out mixed-loading at reduced cost.Download
Warehouse Automation SolutionsAxium offers a complete range of solutions for distribution centers. From robotic mixed load palletizing to conveyors and layer depalletizing Axium is a dependable partner for any distribution center automation project.Download
WeldSight-3D Vision SystemAxium’s WeldSight-3D vision system allows a welding robot to adapt to a fuel tank’s irregularities or imprecisions. This system consists of a 3D scanner combined to a software interface that communicates with a robot controller to correct the position and orientation of the welding tool to adapt to each surface irregularities.Download

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