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One of the world's most experienced lifting equipment manufacturers - air hoists, trolleys, cranes, winches, sets the standard for quality, innovation & durability. Our in stock hoists range from compact/economical 275lb Mini & popular/versatile Profi up to 200 ton monorail systems.

These are complimented by special application models: Air Crane Kits, Big Bag Handling, Hydraulic & Supra-Low Headroom Hoists. We design, engineer & manufacture custom high capacity lifting & moving systems offering solutions to material handling problems in scores of industries & applications worldwide. JDN hoists excel in extreme applications where safety, explosion proof & security are a top priority


260 years JDN - About UsOur Story, Our History, Our People, Our Products. JDN is now in its seventh generation of family ownership. We have been writing hoist technology history for over 260 years and have been responsible for many substantial innovations. We meet high expectations with internal flexibility and innovative technology at reasonable pricesDownload
JDN - New Profi 1.5 TI & 3 TI-2New Product Launch – Summer 2009! Superior Flexibility, Superior Performance and Superior Reliability. See the brochure for specs!Download
JDN - The Force to Lift Your BusinessJDN today, product and quality overview, our air patented motor and why air powered, key benefits and features to buying JDNDownload
JDN Air Cranes & Crane KitsJDN offers air driven cranes suitable for working in hazardous areas. Overhead traveling, underslung and slewing jib cranes can be adapted to your individual requirements. According to your requirements JDN air hoists in motor trolleys or monorail hoists are integrated in the crane design. Download
JDN BOP Handling SytemsCustom engineered to meet your specific offshore needs. From 40 ton to 200 ton capacity. For the unique conditions of the offshore industry, we specialize in custom low and supra low headroom configurations. Hydraulic drives are also available for offshore applicationsDownload
JDN Hydraulic Hoists Profi SeriesJDN is proud to offer JDN Hydraulic Hoists and Hydraulic Monorail Hoists with carrying capacities up to 100 tons. Depending on the motor size the hoists and monorail hoists work with an intake pressure ranging from 100 bar up to 180 bar. Pressure fluids: Oil or HFC.Download
JDN Low Headroom Hoists/TrolleysJDN Low Headroom Hoist/Trolley is the solution for restricted headroom areas. Capacities range from 0.5 ton to 6.3 ton. These hoists are mounted horizontally in the trolley. Download
JDN May 2012 NewletterNew Compact EH100 Monorail Air HoistDownload
JDN Mini Air Hoist Product BrochureSmall in Size, High in Performance from 275 lbs to 2200 lbs capacity. The Mini series brings that famous JDN quality to the light duty sectorDownload
JDN Mini ManipulatorAir HoistSo tough, so full of features, so technically advanced, so versatile, so inexpensive and so incredibly easy to use on the line. By placing the control at the hook, the new Mini Manipulator brings an unprecedented degree of convenience and precision control to light duty applications…as well as all that famous JDN qualityDownload
JDN Monorail HoistsSpecialized Lifting Systems for Large Capacity Loads Offshore, Underground, Anywhere from 10 ton to 100 ton capacity. Monorail hoists EH are special high capacity lifting systems designed to handle heavy loads and are especially suited for applications in high humidity, dust or hazardous environments with a high risk of explosion.Download
JDN Profi Air HoistsRugged, Reliable, Versatile. From 550 lbs. to 100 ton capacity. Proven in practice, the JDN Profi Series air hoists excel in places where safety is paramount. Unlike electricity, compressed air does not generate sparks, making the JDN Profi Series the hoist of choice in hazardous areas. The Profi is available with rope or push button control.Download
JDN RebrandingJDN New LogoDownload
JDN Supra-Low Monorail Hoists“Supra” Strength for Small Spaces From 4 Ton to 100 Ton Capacity. In locations with very restricted headroom, JDN Supra-Low Headroom Monorail Hoists lift and transport loads up to 100 ton. Their special design gives them access to areas where standard hoist trolleys, even low head configurations, are unable to meet your needs.Download
JDN TrolleysExtend the capabilities of your JDN Hoist. From 1 T to 25 T capacity – plain, hand geared or motorized. To complement our JDN Profi Series Hoists we offer JDN Trolleys which meet the same rugged standards as our hoists. They are easy to install, feature an adjustable flange width & can be either a permanent lug mount or a simple hook suspension. Download
July 2012 NewsletterJDN Community & ContestDownload
Sept 2012 NewsletterJDN 267 Years OldDownload

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