About TMI, LLC

TMI International, LLC. is a fully integrated, leading manufacturer and supplier of strip doors, exclusive PVC based strip, film, panel and sheet products, air doors, weld screens, swinging impact doors, industrial curtains, modular enclosures, dock accessories, and safety products. TMI products and services are designed to manage environments and provide customers with innovative solutions that improve work safety, cleanliness, comfort, efficiency, and energy savings.


Loading Dock and Safety CatalogTMI Save-T Solutions offers a complete line of dock accessories and safety products that increase workplace safety and help meet OSHA requirements. The new line of loading dock and safety products protects employees, machinery, equipment, and goods from damage caused by trailers, forklifts, and other warehouse vehicles. Download
Screens, Curtains, and EnclosuresTMIs Save-T Screens, Curtains, and Enclosures are the perfect alternative to hard wall enclosures. TMIs industrial partitions are soft wall partitions that slide on a track and trolley system. Curtains separate environments from temperature, dirt, dust, noise, and insects, and can save hundreds of dollars energy costs. Download
Strip Door 2008 CatalogTMIs Save-T Strip Door catalog contains energy-control solutions that help manage your environment. Save-T Products separate working environments from temperatures, humidity, noise, dust, dirt, wind, insects, and more. TMIs Strip Doors save hundred of dollars every year in heating and cooling costs and payback period is as little as three months.Download

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  • Air-Pro
  • Auto-Riser
  • Flex Screen
  • Mega-Pro
  • M-Series Strip Doors
  • Polar-Pro
  • Rip-A-Strip
  • Roto-Riser
  • Save-T
  • Service Pro
  • Supro

Product Categories

  • Loading Dock Equipment
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems
  • Plant/Facility Equipment
  • Safety Equipment & Ergonomics

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