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The Rotacaster is a revolutionary solution built into an age old tool: the wheel. While not the originators of the concept, Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd has taken the multi-directional omni-wheel style design and created the first version robust enough to function as a industrial duty floor or conveyor wheel. Rotacasters are a best-practices multi-directional wheel solution and an milstone improvement on traditional swivel and fixed casters when expanded capability is required.

Rotacaster's multi-directional wheels deliver reliable performance for a wide range of materials handling, conveyor, OEM, robotic and a other applications requiring precision omni-directional manoeuvrability.

Rotacaster wheels are sturdy, impact resistant, precision-engineered, and made from fully moulded polymers allowing the engineering of entirely new multi-directional movement solutions at a consumer, commercial and industrial level.

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  • Rotacaster Handtrucks Revolutionising the last 100

  • Powered multidirectional Transfer Table

  • "MilkCrate" Rotatruck

  • Self Supporting Rotatruck

  • Milk Crate Truck

  • Gas Cylinder Truck


125mm Rotacaster Wheels CatalogueOur 125mm wheels are available in a variety of configurations, including double, triple and quad. We also offer a variety of mounting options from stand alone to formed mount with top plate and multi mounts. All items are 125mm multidirectional wheels and utilise our patented Rotacaster design.Download
48mm Rotacaster Wheels CatalogueThe 48mm Rotacaster (Patented) has been engineered for both floor and inverted applications. It is used for both manual and powered conveyor transfer systems, feed tables, feed or flow rails, pipe rollers, workstation turntables, furniture casters and robotic wheels.Download
Rotacaster Solutions SpotlightMulti-directional omni-wheel-style Rotacasters enable a wide range of solutions including conveyor transfers, robotics, automatically guided vehicles, Rotatruck platform hand-trucks, dollies, trollies, a wide range of floor wheel applications and much more. To review some of the many applications Rotacasters have been used in, take a look here.Download

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