About Panther Industries, Inc.

Panther Industries is a leading manufacturer of automated labeling equipment. Our Panther 1000, 2000, P8, Shadow, and CUB lines give us one of the most complete offerings in the Industry. Our Panther 2000 and P8 are also available as both All-Electric, or Hybrid, completely eliminating and drastically reducing the need for compressed air, respectively. As an engineering based company, our solutions for specific applicators designed to solve your needs ensures the most efficient applicator on the market.


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8990 Barrons Boulevard
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Phone: 800-530-6018
Fax: 720-283-9462


  • Panther 1000
  • Panther 2000e
  • Panther CUB
  • Panther NEXTstep
  • Panther P8e
  • Panther Predator P9
  • Panther Shadow

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  • Labels, Labeling Devices & Tracking Solutions

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