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SAVOYE PACK manufactures automatic case erection and closing systems. for pick and pack distribution facilities in books, multi-media, pharmaceutical, apparel, etc.
The JIVARO and PAC 600 systems remove the requirement for additional void fill and through innovative design, reduce corrugated costs, labour and shipping volumes.
An ROI of under 18 months is achievable.


HELOVAThe HELOVA produces one individual air bag for each case. Each case is measured using a pec array and the air bag inflated to suit the remaining void within the case. The air bag is automatically inserted into the case before being released for either manual or automatic closure prior to despatchDownload
JIVAROThe JIVARO machine removes the requirement for void fill materials.The machine has 4 stages: Stage 1: Detect fill height and cut case corners to same height. Stage 2:Crease case all around to fill height. Stage 3: Fold in excess corrugated to retain product. Stage4: Automatically apply lid using Hot Melt technology.Download
PACKAGING SOLUTIONSA general brochure detailing the equipment and systems provided by SAVOYE PACK. Details inlude JIVARO and PAC600Download

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