About Worldwide Foam, Ltd.

Worldwide Foam Ltd. is the fastest-growing suppliers of closed-cell foam materials in North America. We offer same-day shipping from our four strategic locations with the widest ranges of products and sizes in the industry. We began with crosslinked polyethylene and has evolved into offering other high demand closed cell foams as well.

WF has broken barriers in what was thought to be impossible in terms of foam block sizes and thickness and introduced the world’s first production of a six inch thick XLPE bun. A 7 million board foot inventory allows for 95% of all orders to go out in just one day. Competitive pricing, better block sizes, and a large range of densities (1.5 lb to 15 lb) makes Worldwide Foam a better way to buy high-quality cross-linked polyethylene buns, sheets and rolls, as well as other specialty products such as NBR, static control and EPDM foams.


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Donald Frandsen, General Manager
Phone: 574-968-8268
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