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MSE-Forks is an independent, innovative company that develops and manufactures unique logistics products. All products are aimed at increasing the ease of use and application of logistics and transportation resources, such as forklift trucks and their variants.

Our products add value to standard material handling equipment in the form of greater versatility. KOOI-REACHFORKS are hydraulic telescopic forks which can be fitted to virtually any type of forklift to allow "reach" capability. We also produce Manual Extendable Forks to suit applications with less frequent need for variable fork length. www.telescopicforks.com

MSE-Forks also offer a complete range of pallet-less handling equipment including, ROLLERFORKS, Push-Pulls, combination RollerForks/Push-Pulls, Stationary Pallet Changers and various types of Load-Push Attachments. www.slip-sheet-attachments.com

MSE also offers Hyd. Jib Cranes, booms and the new Roll-Push-Pull attachment.


KOOI-REACHFORKS BROCHURESHydraulic telescopic forks which can be fitted to virtually any type of lift truck. Convert conventional trucks into single or dbl-deep reach trucks, load/unload trailers from one side, transport two pallets at once and more.Download
MANUAL EXTENDABLE FORKS brochureManual Extendable Forks are always there when needed. No hydraulics are required. A simple fingertip release lever allows the operator to extend the forks for safe support and transport of differing load sizes.Download
MAST HEIGHT EXTENSION Spec. SheetAdd more lift height to forklift trucks with the Mast Height Extension System from MSE-Forks. This unit will allow an additional 20" of lift height to a truck without the need to change the upright.Download
PUSH-PULL - CARRIAGE MOUNT BrochureMSE-Forks manufactures a complete range of hydraulic Push-Pull attachments. Laser cut components offer heavy-duty design while minimizing weight and offering excellent visibility for the operator to improve safety.Download
PUSH-PULL QUICK-CHANGE FORK MOUNT BrochureThe "quick-change" fork-mount PUSH-PULL attachment is ideal for applications which have an occasional need for slip-sheet handling. Laser cut components offer heavy-duty design while minimizing attachment weight and allowing excellent visibility for the operator to improve safety.Download
ROLLERFORKS BrochureROLLERFORKS make pallet-less handling simple. No hydraulics required. Little if any, effect on truck capacity. Simple to install and easy to use. Download
ROLLERFORKS/PUSH-PULL BrochureThe ROLLERFORKS/Push-Pull combines the effectiveness of a push-pull attachment along with our innovative ROLLERFORKS in order to provide the best possible handling cycle times. The hydraulic "pull" function is only needed when double-stacked slip-sheeted loads must be separated or removed from pallets. RollerForks handle all other functions.Download
ROLLERIZED TINE EXTENDERS BrochureRollerized Tine Extenders are designed for handling air cargo pallets such as military 463L pallets and many others however, these forks are also very effective for die handling applications. They are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. They simply fit over the existing forks and lock into place. Download
STATIONARY PALLET CHANGER BrochureMSE-Forks compact STATIONARY PALLET CHANGER provides a simple means of transferring unit loads from one pallet to another. This solution is ideal for food processing or pharmaceutical facilities looking to keep wooden pallets out of "clean areas". It requires a small amount of floor space and can be activated by remote control.Download


  • KOOI-REACHFORKS ®, 3D Loading and unloading from j

  • KOOI-REACHFORKS® for double-deep pallet storage

  • ROLLERFORKS ® Instruction Video English.flv


  • Rollerized Tine Extenders (RTE)

  • Stationary Pallet Changer: switching pallets

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