About INTHER Integrated Systems Corp.

Inther is an international system integrator. We are a 'one-stop shop' for all logistic issues. That means you have a single point of contact for all matters concerning the project. Inther listens, designs, delivers, integrates and bears 100 percent final responsibility for its projects.

The core of our solutions always consists of our own developed software, which is state of the art and holds all functionalities necessary in a modern warehouse. With Inther LC we supply software for Warehouse Management (WMS), Voice Picking, Pick to Light, barcode and RFID integration and Material Flow Control (MFC).

Inther delivers complete logistic systems that provide high performance at an affordable price. Thanks to our solutions, our customers realize reduced costs and at the same line increase capacity, productivity, utilization rate, customer service and quality.


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Product Categories

  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Computer Hardware and/or Software
  • Controls and Controlling Devices
  • Conveyors
  • Distribution Center
  • Integrated Systems & Controls
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems
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