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SpeedCell Storage Solutions is a customizable scalable high density storage solution for warehouses with diversified product mixes. SpeedCell provides a dynamic and efficient way to pick to a point as opposed to the traditional bay/shelf level pick operation. Utilizing three dimensional picking allows you to pick to a specific point thus better organizing your warehouse & back room storage areas allowing for optimal operational efficiency.

SpeedCell is both an innovative and a simple solution. It provides a mobile storage solution for new or existing racking by transforming racking into high density mobile storage modules that utilize the entire volume of available storage area in warehouses and storerooms. SpeedCell reduces the space needed to store items and decreases the distance travelled to pick them. Thus, eliminating wasted space while keeping items easy to access. SpeedCell supports a 240 lbs load per shelving column while each shelf can support up 35 lbs.


Darice Inc. Case StudyDarice faced the common problem of needing to nearly double the number of SKU pick-faces in their warehouse. They were landlocked, out of warehouse space, and needed a solution.Download
Overton’s/Gander Direct Case StudyOverton’s faced multiple issues with their current storage solutions among their biggest challenges was poor cube utilization, wear and tear on their existing bin boxes, and ergonomic concerns for their employees. A major future concern was a massive influx of SKUs due to market segment growth in apparel.Download
SpeedCell Brochure - 2016Updated Product BrochureDownload


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