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Grenzebach is a global leader of automated systems with its headquarters in Hamlar, Germany and offices and affiliations in nearly 20 locations around the world. With over 1,600 employees globally, Grenzebach has invested in its future through acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Acquisitions include subsidiaries of Millennium, LJU, SNOX AGVs, and inos Software while some of the latest mergers and partnerships include KUKA and Swisslog. Grenzebach has in-depth automation & integration knowledge in material handling with over 30 years of experience. Our global network allows us to leverage best practices all around the world across multiple industries. Grenzebach’s General Industry USA office is located in Troy, MI, with Grenzebach Building & Glass USA offices located in Newnan, GA. Since the company was founded, Grenzebach has stood for innovation in mechanical and systems automation; it is one of the world's leading integrators of robot and automation technology. www.grenzebach.co


  • Grenzebach MXRP Robot FINAL HD


End-of-Line PalletizingGrenzebach is a leading, experienced integrator of complete End-Of-Line Palletizing solutions. Whether your need is simple stacking of products on pallets or whether you need a complete centralized palletizing solution that can palletize multiple package types & multiple palletizing patterns, Grenzebach designs the right solution for your need.Download
Flexible Integrated Robotic SorT (FIRST) SystemWith today’s SKU proliferation, more & more order lines are becoming very diverse. With such diversity, it is sometimes difficult in traditional automated systems to sequence the order lines properly for palletizing. However, with Grenzebach’s innovative Flexible Integrated Robot SorT (FIRST) system, this is no longer a challenge.Download
Layer DepalletizingThe variety of product & packaging types in a distribution center have little in common, which makes automatic depalletizing & order picking difficult. However, as most package types have at least flat bottom, Grenzebach has designed a universal gripping system incorporating a roll-up principle to handle layers where conventional technologies fail.Download
Layer Forming and PalletizingGrenzebach sets new standards in Inline Palletizing. The use of KUKA’s articulated robot enables the implementation of innovative robot based concepts for the high-speed inline palletizing. With form fitting grippers, the incoming packages are moved actively & accurately in to the correct target positions on a mesh belt conveyor.Download
Mixed Case PalletizingThe range of articles and the dimensions and materials of the packaging units are virtually unlimited, be it open or closed trays or beverages wrapped in film. In response to these demands, Grenzebach has developed an application module called PalletMIX for automated mixed palletizing with an MXCP & MXRP gripper for handling a wide variety of SKUs.Download
Mobile BotsGuided Mobile Bots can be a key part of a conventional warehouse where there are long travel distances & same path movement. As the demand made on automated order picking in distribution centers grows day by day, a wide variety of packages must be picked & palletized, whether on pallets or push carts; right on schedule, quickly, with minimum error.Download
Solution ServicesGrenzebach's approach to integration IS simple: know your customer, know your customer’s business. We know the value of true integration based around a complete knowledge of the supply chain.Download
Vision-Guided PickingGrenzebach has developed together with its subsidiary, inos Automation Inc., a powerful vision guided picking solution, which enables you to depalletize homogenous or mixed pallets without the need to teach in any features.Download

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  • FIRST (Flexible Integrated Robot Sortation Technology)
  • GB.Layer.Edit
  • GB.MobileBot
  • GB.PalletMix
  • GB.Pick.Control
  • GORM (Grenzebach Order Release Module)
  • G-Pro Carry Series
  • HP Fit (Vision)
  • HSLP (High-Speed Layer Palletizing)
  • MXCP (Mixed Case Palletizing)
  • MXLP (Mixed Layer Palletizing)
  • MXLP-DS (Mixed Layer Palletizing DownStacker)
  • MXRP (Mixed Row Palletizing)

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