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Radley Corporation develops enterprise-class software and hardware solutions aimed at increasing the productivity of your workforce, and lowering the cost of manufacturing and logistics processes. Radley provides multiple solutions on a single scalable platform for Material and Product Traceability, Containerization and Kitting, Assets & Inventory, Integrated Bar Code Data Collection, Labor Tracking, PLC Machine Integration, Shop Floor Control, EDI and barcode scanners & printers.

Radley’s packaged solutions were specifically designed to streamline picking, shipping, receiving, manufacturing, recall mitigation and asset management. In business for 40 years, with 600 customers in 30 countries across multiple industries, Radley has the products and experience to meet your simple or complex requirements.


Assets & InventoryManage and track inventory and assets from the same solution. Whether purchased together or individually, Radley Inventory Control and Asset Tracking base modules allow real-time tracking of unlimited items, assets and locations.Download
Containerization & KittingBuild up pallet and container relationships for the Receipt, Movement, WIP, Finished Goods and Shipment of materials and products and manage it all with our trademarked IntelliLabel technology; which is a highly configurable and flexible serial number system with an associated database.Download
eCommerce EDIFeature rich, robust and secure, Radley's eCommerce EDI Solutions are designed to make EDI work for you! With true multi-tenancy architecture, and On-premises, On-demand and On-any-cloud implementation options Radley EDI Solutions will maximize your current IT investments, eliminate manual interventions, speed up processes, and reduce redundancy.Download
Integrated Data CollectionBy streamlining data entry and daily operations, and automating manufacturing and material handling transactions, Radley’s Integrated Data Collection (barcoding/rfid/machine data capture) provides a user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality to ERP transaction management. Download
Labor TrackingVisibility to actual hours worked allows you to track direct and indirect time, and compare scheduled time with recorded time. Access to availability, performance and overall production quality data enables you to measure the metrics needed for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) statistics.Download
Material TraceabilityRadley Traceability simplifies the collection of mass amounts of data through a combination of automated data collection and unique data structures that support label and packaging license plating.Download
PLC Machine IntegrationMeet your continuous improvement initiatives with reliable automatic data collection from all of your data sources. Automatically collect, analyze and store the real-time activities of each PLC-equipped machine. By monitoring your equipment you can be notified of critical production events when they happen.Download
Shop Floor ControlRadley’s Shop Floor Control solution gives users one, easy-to-use interface to perform multiple interactions; replacing manual entry processes, hand written lists and “tribal knowledge” by applying rules configured to validate specific shop floor requirements.Download
Traceablity InfographicRadley's IntelliLabel® technology which was developed over a decade ago has since become the core of our most powerful products. We simplify the collection of unlimited data attributes through a combination of automated data collection and unique data structures that support label and packaging license plating.Download


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