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J-tec is a designer and manufacturer of material handling solutions for industrial use, including our patented CarryMore® Tugger Cart System. We help companies lower costs, increase productivity and improve safety measures by their implementing our tugger cart system in their manufacturing facilities. Our Mother/Daughter Cart train system replaces the inefficient and hazardous practice of using fork trucks to deliver materials throughout a facility, especially in high traffic areas such as on the line. One train of five carts can replenish five areas with needed parts or kits to produce products on the line. One driver, pulling five cart loads at once, replaces four of the five operators needed for the same deliveries by fork truck, in one-fifth of the time required. Our cart system is being used throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as overseas. Our customers range from small manufacturing facilities to mile-long, Fortune 500 facilities. Visit www.jtecindustries.com


J-tec Bi-Directional Steering Control SystemNow you can turn any cart into a a multi-Directional cart with one fixed caster always facing the direction intended.Download


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