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Foliage, part of the Altran Group, is a global product development company partnering with clients to address the business and technical challenges inherent in developing, manufacturing and supporting complex, connected systems. Providing a full complement of technology consulting and engineering services, Foliage ensures clients deliver innovative solutions to market while reducing total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of their products. Visit foliage.com


Automation & Material Handling Data sheetFoliage is focused on accelerating the development of complex automation & material handling systems for over 30 years.Download
Foliage Insight Article on Connecting to IIoTConnecting to the Industrial Internet of Things: A Proactive Approach for Enabling Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions -- For the first time in its brief and storied history, the Internet now has more machines and inanimate objects talking to each other than people. Download
Foliage Insight Article on Value EngineeringThere is a challenge for capital equipment firms to meet cost and performance goals. Foliage shares the answer- a Value Engineering Approach to improve business results. Download
Insight Article on Predicting Maintenance Part 1Today, predictive maintenance is a concept that is generating interest and building momentum, yet it still raises a number of questions. Specifically, what is predictive maintenance? How can it benefit your organization? How can you get started?Download
Insight Article on Predicting Maintenance Part 2Predictive maintenance relies on the use of sensors embedded in equipment generating large amounts of performance data, connectivity, advanced data analytics, and remote diagnostics to predict and prevent equipment breakdowns. Increasing equipment uptime improves product productivity and the company’s profit margin.Download

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