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Navitas Systems offers a range of advanced energy storage and smart power management products developed by its Advanced R&D team for vehicle idle-reduction, battery powered motive, mission critical, defense, renewable energy storage, and lead-acid replacement market segments. We leverage in-house world-class design and system integration capability with components from highly strategic technology partners to offer innovative products that push the state of the art both in performance and in cost in all of our market segments. We perform prototype development and medium run product manufacturing within our own laboratories and manufacturing facilities, with contract manufacturing utilized for high volume product lines. The combination of our government/military research and development engine with our commercial expertise lets us bring continuous innovation to the advanced energy storage marketplace.


Frontierion Portable Renewable Power Data SheetInformation about our configurable, man-portable Fronterion remote power system, which is used in military and construction applications.Download
Navitas Systems Starlifter Lithium BatteryNavitas Systems is proud to introduce the new Starlifter lithium deep cycle battery for the forklift industry.Download
Ultanium 6T Military Vehicle Lithium BatteryNavitas Systems' light-weight, long-lasting, high performance Ultanium™ 6T batteries are engineered to meet the specific, demanding requirements of military as well as commercial vehicles. Available in 24Vand 12Vmodels for Military and Commercial Applications.Download
Ultanium Group 31 Lithium BatteryQuite possibly the world's most powerful, rugged and longest-lasting Group 31 deep-cycle battery.Download


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