Located in Plymouth MN, Red Devil Equipment Company/RADIA began in 1992 with an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction. This is exemplified through the development of thoughtfully engineered equipment ranging from general use to highly specialized applications. Current products include high quality paint mixers, paint shakers, accessories and uniquely engineered material handling products.

Along with its original product line of durable paint mixers and paint shakers, RADIA also collaborates with customers to understand their specific industry needs then explores possible solutions. From that collaboration, the RADIA team developed customized material handling solutions that support customer’s ergonomic initiatives to mitigate unnecessary back injury and increase overall efficiency.

The new product extension, material handling, challenged us to leverage our engineering expertise and create a brand new specialized solution and solve significant issues facing our customer.


DynoLift (Address All Lift Risks)With the new lightweight aluminum frame, you can safely and easily move hundreds of pounds of materials in pails, boxes, cartons or more in virtually any commercial environment. No back-breaking lifting, twisting or bending required. Replace hours of manual labor and move multiple five gallon pails easily.Download
FETCH (A New Transfer Cart)The FETCH is a lift and transfer cart that is engineered to lift up to 3 five gallon pails from a pallet or the ground. The FETCH replaces your current 5 gallon dolly and eliminates all lifts off of a pallet. It helps eliminate back strain associated with moving 5 gallon pails. It is ergonomically designed with a lightweight aluminum frame.Download

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