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Ebil Racks, claim to be the pioneers of Material Handling Product manufacturing in China. Ebil Rack has a 250K sq ft. manufacturing facility capable of producing 60K tons per annum. Ebil Rack products light, medium and heavy duty shelves and selective pallet racks. It also produces, Radio Shuttle, conveyor systems, stacking and handling equipment. Our highly trained staff welcomes all custom designs and applications. We believe in better communication, best service and after sale support to our clients worldwide. We work with both the end user and distributors providing turn key installation service.
Ebil Rack "Serving Industry, handling products, your gateway to Racks in China!"


Column Protectors/ Rack GuradsEBIL RACK RACK GUARDS-R436888 Ebil Rack's PVC protectors. Variable designs and styles as per user requirements. Increase your warehouse life up to years longer. EBIL RACK RACK GUARDS-Download
NANJING EBIL METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTDEBIL RACK's Product Showcase. We are manufacturers of Pallet Racking, Cantilevers, Wire Containers, Wire Decking, Radio Shuttles, Industrial and commercial shelves. Download

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Tom Chou, General Manager
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Product Categories

  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Containers & Dunnage
  • Decking & Flooring
  • Distribution Center
  • Manufacturing Facility
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