About Alternative Engineering, Inc.

We are research and design generalists. We’ve designed and manufactured hundreds of solutions, all exceptional and engineered to last.

We offer custom manufacturing solutions to the auto, warehouse and distribution industries. We start with your design challenge and bring back an original solution. We’ll analyze your system requirements, make suggestions on improvements or alternatives to the proposed model, provide an approved design plan for automation and put your machine into production. We'll also provide testing, documentation, training and parts as part of our service.

We also support robot integrators and love serving up creatively engineered designs. We have designed packaging and material handling systems for Amazon, Caterpillar, FedEx, and GM, as well as smaller firms needing specialized equipment. Look to us as your provider for the finest in material handling and automation technologies, for whatever solution you're looking to solve.


Glide-Tech™ Custom Spiral Chute - Patent PendingLooking for the perfect chute? Our patent- pending spiral chute is your answer to conveying any item; from full-sized rubber tires and shrink-wrapped containers to K-cups and petri dishes. Our chute can be configured in any size, for any material, is built to last and operate without any extra waxing or buffing. Visit our site for more info!Download


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Product Categories

  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Batteries/Chargers/Motors/Fuel/Alternative Fuel Systems
  • Containers & Dunnage
  • Conveyors
  • Floor Trucks and Carts
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