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Upskill is the market leader in enterprise software for augmented reality devices in industrial settings. Trusted by the world's greatest companies, such as GE, Boeing, Rio Tinto, Merck, and Shell, our industrial application platform, Skylight, enhances the capabilities of hands-on workers to measurably and immediately improve business operations from the factory to the warehouse to the jobsite. By connecting workers to the information they need to do their jobs with greater efficiency and fewer errors, businesses become more agile and competitive through greater productivity, quality, and compliance.


  • Skylight: Explained in Two Minutes

  • Upskill & GE Healthcare: Pick & Pack Productivity


GE Healthcare Case StudyGE Aviation is combining Skylight on Glass and a WiFi-enabled torque wrench to optimally tighten bolts while performing routine assembly and maintenance tasks.Download
Using AR to Manage Peak & Seasonal SurgeDownload this report to understand how augmented reality provides a multi-faceted technology solution that can bridge the gap between people, productivity, safety and performance as the materials handling and logistics industry looks to the future.Download

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