For Donors

MHEFI is ready to help you resolve the workforce challenges of material handling, logistics and supply chain firms. If you need engineers or technically trained individuals, we are here to help attract students to careers in this vibrant and growing industry.

MHEFI is committed to attracting students to careers in the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry with:

  • Aligned target programs to attract students with a focus and demonstrated commitment to the material handling, logistics and supply chain discipline
  • A refined scholarship application for applicants to demonstrate that they understand the value proposition our industry offers
  • A new emphasis on attracting and supporting CTE students and programming

Help MHEFI accomplish its mission of attracting students to our industry by making an investment in the next generation of material handling, logistics and supply chain workers today. Only a small portion (10%) of donor investments are used for administrative fees. 80% of MHEFI Scholarship recipients work in the material handling, logistics, and supply chain industry and many work for MHI Member Companies.

University Programs

Contributions support scholarship grants for college Juniors, Seniors, Masters and PhD students who are enrolled full-time in an eligible school and program in the United States. New programming includes grants for certifications that support needed industry competencies and experiential activities to attract students/future employees to the industry.


Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs

The Foundation provides financial support to CTE programs to help resolve the workforce shortages that exist in the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry.

Financial support could include, but not limited to, certification programs, experiential grants to attend industry sponsored events, instructional materials, workshops, etc.

Please refer to the MHI website for more information on MHI’s CTE programming and how to apply for financial support.


Howard Bernstein Scholarship Fund

The Howard Bernstein Scholarship Fund was established in 2012 to provide scholarships to students who have committed to the material handling, industrial distribution, engineering, logistics and supply chain industries. The Fund is managed and administered by the Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc., an IRC 501C3 charitable organization.


Please note that 10% of all contributions will be used to administer programming.

The Material Handling Education Foundation continues its tradition of support for students studying in the material handling logistics field through the contributions of Friends of the Foundation. The MHEFI Donor's Club has various contribution levels.

Donor's Categories

Corporate Contribution      Individual Contribution
President's Club
$5,000+      $1,000+
Silver Club
$2,500 - $4,999      $500 - $999
Bronze Club
$1,500 - $2,499      $250 - $499
$500 - $1,499      $100 - $249
All other contributions

2018 President’s Club

David C. Allais
Jay Anderson
ASG Services for the Rack Manufacturers Institute
Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Crane Manufacturers Association of America
Conveyor & Sortation Systems
Frazier Industrial
Gregg & Peg Goodner
Hanel Storage Systems
International Materials Management Society
Bryan Jensen
Brian McNamara
Kevin O’Neill
John Paxton
George W. Prest
Brian Reaves
Doug Reed
Clark Skeen
Solutions Community
Spanco, Inc.
Tiffin Metals
Tompkins International
Colin Wilson
Dave & Lisa Young

2018 Silver Club

Tom Carbott
Electrification & Controls Manufacturers Association
Expert Crane
David Lippert
Brad Moore
St. Onge Company
Storage Manufacturers Association
Bob Trebilcock
UNEX Manufacturing
Mickey & Donna Varner

2018 Bronze Club

Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
Bradford Cardell
Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment Council
Gorbel, Inc.
John Hill
Hoist Manufacturers Institute
Institute of Caster & Wheel Manufacturers
Lift Manufacturers Product Section
Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers
Raoul Mata
Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association
Steel King Industries
Brett Wood

2018 Patron

Del Sole Cavanaugh Stroyd, LLC
East Penn Manufacturing
Gregory S. Meyer
Monorail Manufacturers Association
Brian Reh
Liz Richards
Schaefer Systems

2018 Sponsor

ORBIS Corporation
Yaratha A. Reddy
Shelving Concepts

For more information on The Material Handling Education Foundation contact:

Donna Varner
Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc.
8720 Red Oak Blvd., Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28217-3992 USA
(704) 676-1190