2013-2014 Scholarship Recipient
Christian Pizzino, Texas A&M University

MHI Order Fulfillment Solutions Council Honor

OFS contributes money yearly to the Material Handling Education Foundation Inc. to supply money for a scholarship. The Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. was established in 1976 as an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting material handling education.

The Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to students pursuing an education in material handling. These scholarships are grouped into three types of funds: Company Funds, Named Scholarship Funds and Material Handling Industry Product Section/Trade Association Funds. Contributors can choose a particular fund or an individual scholarship. The affairs of the Foundation are administered at the offices of MHI.

For more information on how you can participate in the efforts of the Foundation, please contact Donna Varner, Executive Assistant at 704-676-1190 or .

The mission of this Committee is to develop programming that raises awareness of order fulfillment solutions among students and faculty.

Material Handling Student Design Competition

OFS co-sponsorship of the Material Handling Student Design Competitions funds travel for representatives of the winning teams to attend MHI trade shows as well as contributes to the prize money each winning team receives. Below is a photo of the 2011-12 winning team representatives at ProMat 2013.

2011-12 Design Competition Winners Pictured are Brian Keiger (OFS Chair), Rick Fox (OFS Vice-Chair), Jerald Brevick (Ohio State University, Second Place Team (Tie) Advisor), DJ Medeiros (Penn State University, Second Place Team (Tie) Advisor), Andres Carrano (Rochester Institute of Technology, First Place Team Advisor), Austin Chacosky (Rochester Institute of Technology, First Place Team Representative), Bridget Eggers (Rochester Institute of Technology, First Place Team Representative), Leila Rozenman (Rochester Institute of Technology, First Place Team Representative), Mike Ogle (Managing Director of OFS and CICMHE).

Multi-Channel Retailing: Upgrading Your Order Fulfillment Systems
Sponsored by Order Fulfillment Solutions (OFS)
Today, retailing usually means storefront operations co-opting e-commerce. And the US has some of the most aggressive e-commerce operations and arguably the best retail and wholesale distribution networks in the world. This presentation will demonstrate how to merge these operations while maintaining best-in-class economics.
Multi-Channel Retail Order Fulfillment Solutions
Sponsored by Order Fulfillment Solutions (OFS)
The following questions will be discussed for attendees who are evaluating multi-channel distribution network alternatives. How many facilities are required to support the network? What are appropriate inventory levels? Should facilities support multi-channel distribution? Should retail and direct to consumer channels be in separate facilities? How does the number of facilities affect labor requirements, capital equipment justification and the resulting asset utilization? How can you service multiple channels from the same automated fulfillment system? And ultimately, how do all these decisions affect customer service levels?

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