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Single Girder Buyer's Guide

32) Single Girder Buyer's Guide

No 12. Wire rope safety factor min. 5:1? (OSHA 1910.179(h)(2)(1) (ASME HST-4 – 3.4) Yes No NOTE: Rope used for holding or lifting molten

Ergonomic Solutions for Retailers

33) Ergonomic Solutions for Retailers

............ 10 Using a vacuum lift to load or unload bags of material from a pallet ........... 11 Using a pallet jack to move boxes from back room to sales floor

Selecting The Right Overhead Crane

42) Selecting The Right Overhead Crane

Controlled Cranes, Inspection with Electrical Power Applied, Load Lifting, Transferring, and Depositing, Magnet and Bucket Attachments, Parking and Securing

45) "Basics of AGVS"

permit unit load transportation and often automatic load transfer. The decks can either be lift and lower type, powered and non- powered roller, chain