Plugging the Holes in Your Extended Supply Chain
Sponsored by Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies (SCE) Group
From compliance with security and traceability mandates to omni-channel fulfillment, market leaders are taking control of their extended supply chains by collaborating with trading partners to improve cycle times and reduce the impact of pipeline disruptions. Sponsored by MHI’s Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies Group, this interactive panel discussion will look at integrated systems developments that fuel collaboration and answer customer demands for higher levels of visibility and event management from order placement to delivery.
WMS, WCS or Both? Determining Your Distribution Center Technology Strategy
Sponsored by Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies (SCE) Group
Determining the role of warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS) in your distribution center technology strategy can be a challenge. WCS technology advancements have enabled these systems to perform fulfillment processes traditionally managed by the WMS. Similarly, many WMS have advanced to provide communication mechanisms to material handling equipment—a task traditionally managed by a WCS. This session will address the history and evolution of WMS and WCS, describe usage scenarios for each type of system and outline considerations to help you determine whether to use a WMS, WCS or both.
Is Cloud WMS an Option for Complex Distribution Centers?
Sponsored by HighJump Software
As technology has advanced, new deployment options for warehouse management systems (WMS) have emerged, including WMS in the cloud. Many users and buyers of WMS systems are trying to sort through the information to detremine which deployment option is the best for them. This presentation will help answer many questions about cloud WMS including: What is the cloud? Is there a difference between cloud and SaaS? Why would I choose cloud over on-premise? Will my IT team embrace or reject cloud? And of course, can the cloud handle complex operations and integrated material handling equipment (MHE)?
Leveraging Technology for Best Practices LSP/3PL Performance
Sponsored by HighJump Software
For 3PL providers supply chain agility is a necessity when trying to address diverse customer needs. Learn what to look for in modern supply chain technology which can help incorporate new service offerings & respond to new market requirements quickly & easily, while keeping the cost low.
Keys to Operational Success: Metrics, Audits and the Right Technologies
Sponsored by Intelligrated Inc.
This seminar will discuss how identifying the right metrics and examining current processes through regular operational audits can help distribution and fulfillment facilities implement the right processes, software and technologies for improved performance and ROI.
Process + Technology = Operational Excellence
Sponsored by Intelligrated Inc.
It takes more than the latest technology to drive operational success. Achieving operational excellence requires combining process and technology to ensure resources are applied for maximum performance. This seminar will discuss how to increase system performance and efficiency through process improvements associated with order fulfillment and sortation technologies.
Six Steps to Optimizing Order Fulfillment
Sponsored by Kardex Remstar
From pallet picking to case picking and piece picking, order fulfillment can be an overwhelming task. In this seminar, we will review six steps to streamline and optimize your order fulfillment processes. Categorizing your inventory, matching it with the best storage technology and selecting the right order fulfillment method is the foundation of successful ofer picking. We'll also review some real world examples of how other customers have optimized their order fulfillment processes.
Safeguard Your Production Investment by Optimizing Your MRO
Sponsored by Kardex Remstar
With competitors appearing overnight and consumers demanding more choices with faster delivery, manufacturers have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in automating their production capabilities. In this seminar we will discuss the necessity of protecting that investment by minimizing production downtime and the importance of a reliable maintenance and repair operation (MRO). Every minute a machine is down is a minute of production time that cannot be recovered. The ability to react quickly to repair the machine and minimize downtime can have a major impact on your bottom line.
Automation: Low Risk & Low Cost Order Picking Systems Designed For Efficiency, Reliability and Productivity
Sponsored by Sapient Automation
Single piece/split case order fulfillment can be the most resource consuming activity in a warehouse. The ability to automate order picking regardless of the size of your operation is essential to your customers and management. We will discuss how implementing simple automated technologies today provides labor reduction, space savings, up to 550 lines/hr, flexible/scalable by the hour, 100% ergonomic and a fast Return On Investment.
How to Implement a Best of Breed SCE Solution
Sponsored by Softeon
Listen to a customer that has implemented a best of breed SCE solution. Learn how they have improved their business operations, enhanced productivity and are in a position to grow their business at a lesser cost than in the past.
3PL Selection Strategies
Sponsored by St. Onge Co.
Today's outsourcing demands are becomming more complex and leading 3PL's are rising to meet those demands. This session will address how 3PL's are driving to be selected and why companies outsource, what are the risk factors and how to mitigate those risks while managing those relationships, including methodologies for provider selection.
Design Trends for Direct to Consumer Fulfillment
Sponsored by St. Onge Co.
A better understanding of custom equipment applications and design, providing a competitive advantage to industry leaders of direct to consumer businesses.
The Visual Future in the Real World of Supply Chains
Sponsored by Tecsys Inc.
As today's supply chain complexities continue to grow, a group of innovative leaders have put visual technology in place to solve real-world challenges. Objectives have included improved patient safety in hospitals, customer-specific palletizing patterns compliance, reduced back-order processing times, and elimination of mis-picks. The end results have netted improved customer service along with increased operational efficiencies and inventory accuracy. Learn how these results can also be achieved in your organization and what the future holds.
Leveraging Metrics to Drive Warehouse Performance Improvement
Sponsored by TranSystems Corp.
Continued refinement of warehouse metrics offer a wide variety of options for improving performance. Which ones will best serve your needs and how do you use them to set targets, monitor results, meet service goals and contain costs? How do you assure a proper balance between measures to avoid negatively impacting performance in one area by overemphasizing another? How can metrics be used to justify investments in people, equipment and systems while simultaneously building employee support, commitment and morale?
Bridging the Gap Between Legacy and Best-of-Breed WMS
Sponsored by TranSystems Corp.
There are hundreds of legacy or home-grown WMS packages developed over years of fine-tuning that are hard for companies to unplug. These systems have been tailored to support specific business practices and each is very unique. But, are these legacy WMS providing the levels of performance that a best-of-breed WMS offers? In this session, discover what off-the-shelf WMS packages now provide and how your legacy system might be adapted to come closer to the mark - or, alternatively, if it's time to bite the bullet and make the switch.

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