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Acing ‘The Basics’ of Business

1) Acing ‘The Basics’ of Business

Graduates of vocational logistics programs may come to an employer with an impressive academic record. But unless they understand the basics of how to conduct themselves on the job, ...

“Alexa, ask Butterball.”

3) “Alexa, ask Butterball.”

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator | @ mhi_alex It’s Thanksgiving time here in the US (shoutout to the other Thanksgivings ), which means turkey. And ...

All Aboard the Blockchain Train

4) All Aboard the Blockchain Train

Content was pulled from MHI Solutions Magazine Q4.2018 Blockchain experts often describe the new technology as a trustless system because it allows two parties that might not ...

Attracting and Retaining Top Supply Chain Talent

6) Attracting and Retaining Top Supply Chain Talent

The “e” in e-commerce could stand for “explosion” these days, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. But we don’t have to tell you that. “When you look at a large-scale fulfillment ...

Beyond Analytics

7) Beyond Analytics

November 11, 2017, is a date that sticks in the mind of Jim Tompkins, chief executive of MHI member Tompkins International, and he’s working hard to make the events of that day commonplace ...

Blockchain for Lettuce

8) Blockchain for Lettuce

Lettuce. Who’d’ve thought we’d all be afraid of some leaves. But it’s killed 5 people this year between the spring and winter outbreaks and hospitalized a whole bunch more, so it’s ...

Bridging the Skills Gap

14) Bridging the Skills Gap

In the drive to address the skills gap in the supply chain sector, companies have a strong ally in academia. While community colleges and trade schools are adjusting their curriculums ...

Can Computers Be Wrong?

15) Can Computers Be Wrong?

Content was pulled from MHI Solutions Magazine Q4.2018 Annette Danek, SVP Fulfillment at Penguin Random House, has had the opportunity to learn coding at several different points ...

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