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Crashing Carts Curbed in Orlando

3) Crashing Carts Curbed in Orlando

A luggage screening facility needed a cost effective solution to replace sliding jersey barriers and protect walls from luggage cages and tugs. A-SAFE’s products solved both issues ...

Custom Made Solutions

4) Custom Made Solutions

A custom made Height Restrictor was designed and built to solve a major safety risk for forklifts on both sides of a 2 story high double door. A-SAFE’s flexible barriers complied with ...

Dynamic and SAFE Logistics

6) Dynamic and SAFE Logistics

In the ever growing world of warehousing & distribution, it’s all about speed, efficiency, accuracy and cost. Business is dynamic and now, so is logistics.

First Line of Defense for your Uprights

8) First Line of Defense for your Uprights

A newly appointed warehouse manager inherited the responsibility of a facility with a lot of damage due to impact from forklift traffic. A rack survey report highlighted a damage pattern ...

Heavy Duty protection for Building Columns

9) Heavy Duty protection for Building Columns

A brand new facility owned by a company who, from experience with other warehouses, wanted to protect all of it’s 10”x10” building columns against forklift impact. As a prevention strategy, ...

Machine Guarding Case Study

12) Machine Guarding Case Study

Moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe workplace injuries, such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, blindness, or can even prove to be fatal. The proper ...

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