Regional Sales Manager - Eastern US

Job Description:

  1. Own the customer experience and continually build the relationship;
  2. Develop and nurture leads generated individually or through our marketing efforts in a timely manner;
  3. Deliver sales results in line with annually agreed metrics;
  4. Form a project team with the Application Engineer and the Deployment Project Manager; guide customer needs; monitor delivery scope, milestones and customer acceptance criteria from the Product Demo to the Proof of Concept to the Final Deployment;
  5. Prioritize customer projects to ensure that the ones with the greatest potential are developed to ensure needs can be met by our available resources in our Deployment Team;
  6. Gather “Lighthouse customers” or customer references for videos as well as customers willing to host future potential customer site visits to their facility;
  7. Be responsible for the bid presentation with input from Application Engineers, including: estimation of fleet size, AMR and features selected, description of current process, estimate of performance of the new process with AMRs deployed, timeline for deployment, providing a requirements list to the customer of any work they must finish prior to our deployment team coming to site;
  8. Stay informed on market trends in mobile robotics and warehouse automation. Be familiar with competitors’s products and solutions to better communicate our strengths technically to the customers;
  9. Provide advice to R&D department on industry needs, competition status, and possible field improvements to help on product optimization;
  10. Be a confident presenter and spokesperson for our business;
  11. Maintain regular communication with VP Sales on opportunity pipeline and forecast accurately opportunity delivery requirements.




  1. Bachelor’s degree in an engineering major or above;
  2. 10+ years or above experience selling into logistics and warehousing automation, manufacturing, and/or retail automation;
  3. Grasp process design and warehouse layout design, understand WMS;
  4. Be knowledgeable of automation equipment, conveyor line systems, automatic storage & retrieval systems, and AGVs;
  5. Familiar with Industrial Networking and IT concepts, such as Cloud and Edge based computing;

Posted Date1/20/20
CompanyForwardX Robotics
TypeFull Time
ContactNicholas Temple
Address1455 Frazee Rd
Suite 522
San Diego CA 92108
Categories Sales