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Frequently Asked Questions?

If you can't find an anwser to your question, please reach out to any ME or membership@mhi.org

The MHI Annual Conference is a supply chain education platform for manufacturing and distribution companies. Over the course of three days, attendees are able to address their goals and challenges through keynotes, panel sessions and meeting forums.

Meetings are "business casual": pants, slacks, and skirts, as well as short-sleeved polo shirts and long-sleeved shirts. Excludes jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. Dinners/networking events are "resort casual": polo-style shirts, sundresses, pants, skorts, skirts, button up tops, nice shorts, and dresses. Excludes t-shirts and jeans, cutoffs and tank tops.

Conference events and activities are geared toward adult participants. Please contact the hotel directly for information or activities for kids.

The Solutions Community offers a forum for discussion and collaboration in a non-commercial environment for MHI members, their customers, and includes members from the media, education, consultant and integrator sectors. The Solutions Community provides a "safe harbor" venue to discuss material handling issues and challenges, information sharing, awareness, education, best practices and lessons learned without "buy-sell" tension.

The Solutions Community concept is experiencing strong interest and limited space is available for the existing membership, however additional guests may be accommodated. Contact the respective MHI Managing Executive directly.

No, you must book and pay your hotel room separately. Book your room here.

MHI staff will be wearing red MHI polo shirts and name badges.

You can register online once registration is open.Click here for more information about registration.

Reach out to the group's Managing Executive. If you do not know who the ME is, check our website MHI.org, click the group you are interested in, managing executive will be on right side of page. This information is also listed on the MHI microsite for each of the Industry Groups. In your meeting packets that you will receive at the registration desk there is a MHI Industry Group information and contacts booklet.

Industry group members and guests are welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussions at the meetings. However, guests are not allowed to vote on any motions presented in the meetings and may be asked to step out for some portions of the meeting.

Each group has their own cost structure so pricing will vary. Contact the Managing Executive for each Industry Group to discern the cost. Find the group here, click the group you are interested in, managing executive will be on right side of page.

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