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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyer (VRC) Subcommittee

The Vertical Reciprocating Conveyer (VRC) Subcommittee of the Conveyor & Sortation Systems industry group is comprised of the industry’s leading suppliers of material lifts intended to meet the safety requirements of ASME B20.1 – Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment. These members design, manufacture, and install VRCs worldwide for use in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and institutional operating environments.

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Lily Rohrbach, University of Oklahoma
Conveyor and Sortation Systems Honor Scholarship

The Conveyor and Sortation Systems Honor Scholarship in the amount of $5,000 has been awarded to Lily Rohrbach at the University of Oklahoma. As an undergrad, she is currently working with Dr. Shivakumar Raman at her school on a research project to develop a system that allows better communication between large and small manufacturers as a part of an NSF research project. Lily would like to continue her education and work on a Master’s Degree and eventually a PhD in engineering..

CSS of MHI presents: Industrial Internet of Things: A Path to Predictive Analytics
The industrial revolution is underway and internet of things is one of the main topics that keeps traction when it comes to the most influential technologies throughout the next years. While expertise is limited and most companies fail to adopt due to a lack of understanding of this technology (Deloitte annual industry report), we want to take a practical approach on what the CSS member companies are doing today and what companies can do to leverage the power of the internet of things.
Impacts of E-Commerce on the Material Handling Industry
As distributors and retailers rush to get goods out the door in the e-commerce boom, material handling is racing to keep up. From integrations with new technologies, agile solutions, and quicker turnaround and response times, the material handling industry is feeling the impact of the changing distribution landscape. It will be the solutions providers who evolve to meet the needs of the customer who will carry the sector into the next chapter.
Event Start Date End Date Sponsor Location
MHI Industry Leader Program 8/3/2021 11/9/2021 MHI Virtual
2021 MHI Annual Conference 10/3/2021 10/6/2021 MHI JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge
Phoenix, AZ

CSS Managing Executive

Christian Dow



Sebastian Titze
Beumer Corporation

Vice Chairs
Bhaskar Chopra
Siemens Logistics LLC

Ashleigh Alleman
Intralox LLC

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