Instructional Materials

Fundamentals of Warehousing & Distribution Vol I
Authored by Allan Howie, this is acomprehensive workbook for an introductory course in material handling. There are five study units including the concept of warehousing and material logistics, movement, storage, control and protection. Each unit contains a study challenge to test comprehension.

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Fundamentals of Warehousing & Distribution Vol II
Fundamentals of Warehousing and Distribution, Volume 2: Warehouse Operation is designed to be a follow-up to Fundamentals of Warehousing and Distribution, Volume 1: An Introductory Course in Material Handling. Volume 2 builds upon the equipment based information of Volume 1 and delves more deeply into the functions this equipment and processes serve in the industry. There is logical progression in Volume 2 from equipment centric to functional centric information.

The textbook takes the basic functions of movement, storage, control and protection, the authors and editorial staff expand these functions into such areas as shipping, receiving, order picking, putaways, ergonomics and sustainability.

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Fundamentals of Warehousing & Distribution Vol III
The Study Units in Fundamentals of Warehousing & Distribution Volume 3: Warehouse & Personal Performance are designed to build on the knowledge of warehouse equipment, processes and operations introduced in Fundamentals of Warehousing & Distribution
Volumes 1 and 2

Volume 3 focuses on how the performance of equipment, processes and employees come together in different types of warehouses. The goal of Volume 3 is to broaden the student’s understanding of why a warehouse uses certain types of equipment and how those choices impact the performance of that facility. It also focuses on personal performance and the expectations (metrics) business places on the employees. People, equipment and the facility have to work as one team to meet the company’s objectives in satisfying their customers.

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Fundamentals of Warehousing & Distribution Vol IV
Fundamentals of Warehouse & Distribution – Volume 4: Developing Your Soft Skills. Making a Successful Leap from the Classroom to the Workplace. The first three volumes in the series provided an understanding of warehousing, distribution and the technologies that play a critical role in the supply chain. Volumes 1 and 2 introduced the equipment, technologies and processes used by all warehouses and distribution centers. Volume 3 described the most common types of warehouse designs, how they perform and how they differ from one another.

Volume 4 is designed to prepare students for a job in the supply chain workplace and help refine the skills that will help you succeed and grow your career. The goal of this volume is to familiarize students with the responsibilities of the workplace beyond a basic job description and give you the tools you need to succeed.

Many of the hard skills developed in the Fundamentals of Warehouse & Distribution program, such as operating machinery, material handling and logistics concepts and software knowledge will lead to a career in the supply chain. However, soft skills such as time management, creative problem-solving, organization, self-discipline and relationship building are just as important in developing and advancing a career in this field.

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