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16) Container washing

Service to clean and maintain containers.

17) Cross stacking

The ability to inter-stack different heights and sizes of containers due to the rib design on the container base.

18) Assembly line balancing

A process by which all work required to complete an assembly is divided and assigned to progressive stations, such that the work in each station is equal or nearly equal.

19) Cumulative Trauma Disorder

An injury that may be the result of stresses from repetitive motions such as twisting of the body during product movement or key board entry.

20) Cellular manufacturing

The partitioning of a manufacturing system into smaller subsystems or "cells".  Each of these cells or subsystems process a grouping of similar parts, products or functions therein reducing setup time, throughput time and work-in-process.

21) Cycle time

A measurement of time required to order, fulfill, and deliver products and stock items.  The two (2) major components of cycle time are order cycle and replenishment cycle.

22) Buffering

The process of storing "back-up" or reserve stock/inventory to absorb expected variations in usage between the time reorder action is initiated and the first part of new orders is received in stock.

23) Capacity Requirements Planning

The function of establishing, measuring, and adjusting limits of capacity.  The term CRP in this context refers to the process of determining in detail the amount of labor and machine resources required to accomplish the tasks of production.

24) Carton

A corrugated cardboard container filled at the facility for handling (shipping).

25) Case

An unopened container, usually made of corrugated cardboard, containing merchandise as it was received from the vendor.

26) Case pick

The selection of merchandise packaged in shippable cartons for orders from a pick location onto a transporting device (conveyor, cart, pallet).

27) Case pick from pallet

This is a selection activity performed within a specific type of storage area (often pallet rack).  Merchandise movement into these locations is in pallet load quantities from receiving or reserve storage locations.  Merchandise movement out of these locations is in case quantities.

28) Aisle

The space between storage aids used by material handling equipment and/or personnel.

29) Angular creep

Extremely slow speed movement of a tilter that is the result of normal, internal leakage of fluid control valves.

30) Angular travel

The angular difference between the two tilting travel limits of the platform deck or forks, expressed in degrees.