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61) Commercial shelving

Shelving made from lighter gauge materials and designed to provide storage for lighter weight materials and packages.. Often carries a 350# load limit.

62) Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS) Industry Group

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of automated storage/retrieval systems. They supply systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

63) Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems

AS/RS is becoming a generic term that today refers to a variety of means under computer control for automatically depositing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations. See also  Carousels . Although both of these technologies have roots that go back some 40 to 50 years, it is only since the late 1990s that AS/RS has been used to refer to more than crane and aisle applications.

64) Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) Industry Group

Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of automatic guided vehicle systems. They supply systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

65) Consultant

Consultants whose practice includes the areas of material handling and logistics possess varying degrees of technical expertise, ranging from business process advice and design to detailed engineering design services that lead to equipment and systems being bid and procured. Although a consulting firm may also perform system integration services, it is more the exception than the rule. See also Systems Integrator .

66) AIAG Pallet

A pallet that meets meets the recommendations of the AIAG, Automotive Industry Action Group.  Recommendations concern size, dimensions, fork entry capability and load capacity.

67) Attached lid container

Just as the term denotes, any material handling container (steel or plastic) that includes a lid that is attached to container and is an integral part of the design and function of the container.

68) Bulk bin

Plastic or metal bins that are designed to handle larger or "bulk" quantities of materials or merchandise. Bulk bins tend to large in size, relative to other types of bins, and are generally designed to be higher capacity in terms of load capabilities.

69) Conductive container

Container that is permanently static dissipative.

70) Cross docking

The process of moving merchandise from the receiving dock to shipping for shipping without placing it first into storage locations.  Information regarding the merchandise will be entered into the inventory and a transaction for shipping posted within one posting cycle, e.g. one day.

71) AIAG Container

A container that meets the recommendations of AIAG/Automotive Industry Action Group for configuration/dimensions and load capacity.

72) AIAG Placard

Product or parts indentification signs placed on containers or pallets that meet the recommendations of AIAG, The Automotive Industry Action Group.

73) Crate

A box used to protect materials during shipping and storage. See also Container .

74) Belt conveyor

A conveyor that utilizes endless belts, made from fabric, rubber, plastic, leather, or metal, energized by drives and operating over those drives, tail ends, bend terminals, belt idlers or slider bed.  Handles bulk materials, packages and any object placed directly on the belt.

75) Closed shelving

Shelving with the sides and back of the unit enclosed with sheet steel side and back panels.