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76) AEM

A conveying system which consists of monorail track, track mounted electrification, individually powered vehicles, a supporting structure, a control system, lifts, switches and turntables.

77) Active face

The surface of an inductive proximity sensor where a high frequency electromagnetic field emerges, although there is no direct magnetic field occurring.

78) Collision prevention

The use of sensors to detect the presence of objects and, through the use of integrated controls, prevent a collision between two objects from occurring.

79) Convergent beam

Another name for fixed focus sensing where the photoelectric sensor will only detect objects at a fixed distance from the sensor.

80) Bearing plate base

A base of an industrial container with bearing plates and steel stacking legs.

81) Capacity rating

A maximum recommended uniformly distributed static load capacity.

82) Authorized person

Trained or qualified personnel, approved or assigned to perform a specific duty or duties.

83) Ambient temperature

The temperature of the atmosphere surrounding equipment.

84) Ampacity

The current carrying capacity expressed in amperes.

85) Bearing life

B-10 bearing life. The B-10 bearing life of an anti-friction bearing is the minimum expected life, in hours, of 90% of a group of bearings that are operated at a given speed and loading.

86) Carrier

Also known as a trolley.  A unit that travels on the bottom flange of a monorail or patented track beam, jib crane or bridge girder to transport a load. Also refers to a trucking line used to transport materials to and from a distribution center.

87) Collector

Electrical contacting devices providing a path for current flow from stationary conductors to moving equipment.

88) Collector shoe

The portion of a collector which makes contact by sliding on the conductor bar.

89) Controller

A device by means of which the operator controls the speed, acceleration, torque and/or direction or motor driven equipment.

90) Base pallet

1)Utilized to form the base for a larger group of pallets or a larger structure.2) A randomly selected pallet utilized to determine the strength or durability of a group of pallets.