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91) Bin pallet

A four-sided superstructure that is mounted on a pallet base, with or without a cover.  Also known as a box or container bin pallet.

92) Captive pallet

A pallet which is designed and dedicated to a given process, system or location/facility.  Not intended to be exchanged.

93) Block pallet

A pallet designed with blocks of material between the pallet decks or beneath the top deck that serve as strengtheners and posts.

94) Coil grab

Lifting devices, generally attached to a hoist or lift truck, which attach to a coil's OD via tongs or gripping mechanisms and enable the coil to be lifted without damage to the material.  May also be configured to "turn" the coil over or move it in directions other than vertical.

95) Bottom block

The device at the bottom of a hoist's lifting medium (chain/wire rope) through which the medium is reeved and supports the hook and/or an attachment.  May be stationary or rotating depending upon the requirements for the piece of lifting equipment.

96) Brake

A device, incorporated into material handling equipment, utilized to retard or stop the motion of that piece of equipment.  Often utilized in conjunction with the motor of that equipment or may be mechanical in nature, utilizing a "ratchet and pawl" configuration.

97) Conductor bar

Track mounted insulated bar used to transmit electric current to a vehicle.

98) C hook

A device, generally attached to the hook of a lifting device via a bail, which "grabs" a coil of materials when inserted into the ID of that coil.  Derives its name from the physical appearance of the device which resembles the letter "C".  May utilize counter- balancing weights to add stability and balance in the lifting motion.

99) Appointed person

One who is assigned responsibility by the employer or the employer's representative.

100) Cubing

The amount of space occupied by an item or the volume within a system or building.

101) Bar code

Utilizes a system of printed bars that are able to be scanned and enables the user to identify a part or parcel.  Used in conjunction with a laser scanner and serves to increase accuracy and speed of product identification.

102) Automatic data collection

Automatic identification.  A system which utilizes bar codes and other symbologies to provide information.

103) Carousel

Carousels are a technology used to store items for eventual picking or retrieval. There are two primary types of carousels and one related technology, all of which operate under some form of computer control. Since the late 1990s, carousels have been placed under the more general category of AS/RS. See also Horizontal Carousels , Vertical Carousels ,  Vertical Lift Modules and/or AS/RS .

104) Benchmarking

A measurement process that establishes goals, operating targets and production expectations and can be used for comparison in an effort to achieve maximum efficiency of operation, i.e job evaluation, rating of performance, cost estimating and standards.

105) Corrugated steel container

A container fabricated from corrugated steel sheet as a completed assembly for containment, with the possible addition of structural sections for additional strength and with optional hardware added for specific use and application.