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1) Data transmission

The use of sensors to transmit data via pulse-modulated light beam systems typically from host stations to mobile carriers such as AGV's or stacker cranes.

2) DC

In electrical terms, direct current (as opposed to AC which is alternating current).

3) Deadband

An unusable area extending from the face of an ultrasonic proximity sensor to the minimum sensing distance allowing for target detection where pulses are received too quickly to be accurately evaluated.

4) Decking

The material, generally made from welded wire, that is placed on shelves, rack load beams or walks to support loads of variable sizes. The decks or flooring of a mezzanine can be made of several different types of materials depending upon the requirements, features and capacity of the mezzanine. These flooring/decking options may include bar grating, plank grating, wood planking, plywood, composite materials and cement.

5) Decking section

A completely fabricated decking assembly with reinforcing members ready for installation upon supporting storage rack framing.  One or more decking sections are used to form a shelf surface.

6) Deflection

The amount of deformation or bending in a pallet or pallet component under load.

7) Deflector

A stationary or moveable angled arm which deflects product flow access across a belt or roller conveyor to the desired location.

8) Demurrage

A term associated with the charge (monetary) that can be levied against a shipper or consignee who detains a container, truck, ship or railroad car beyond the allotted time for loading and unloading of that piece of transport equipment. Such a monetary "penalty" is used to offset the loss to the carrier as a result of the delay.  "Detention" is another work used for demurrage.

9) Detachable frame pallet

A pallet that features a frame or superstructure that is removable.

10) Direct thermal label

A label that is printed using a direct thermal printer.  Advantage to thermal labeling/do not use ribbons.

11) Dispersion angle

The degree of the angle of light.

12) Diverter

A device on a conveyor sortation system used to move a case/carton/piece off the main line.

13) Dock

The sorting or staging platform where shipments are loaded or unloaded.

14) Dock board

A device for bridging the gap between the warehouse and/or loading dock platform and a vehicle's load bed.

15) Dock bumper

Pieces of rubber located at the floor level of a dock opening to cushion the building from truck trailer impact.