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31) Double deep rack

A racking system that is used where a greater storage density is required. It accommodates two pallet loads stacked back-to-back and requires special fork trucks called reach trucks.

32) Drawer storage

Storage utilizing drawers in cabinets or within shelving systems and are suitable for applications where volume of inventory turnover is low and where smaller items are being stored.

33) Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a refinement to MRP/MRP II.  With the addition of a relational database, a graphical user interface, and client/server architecture, ERP is a time- and capital-intensive inventory management system.

34) Free standing mezzanine

A stand alone mezzanine structure constructed within an existing building or structure which is designed to maximize clear space under and above the mezzanine. Also referred to as a "free standing, wide span mezzanine", this type of mezzanine incorporates wide column spacing and high PSF (pounds per square foot) capacity. Usually engineered for a specific need.

35) Drive in rack

This type of rack utilizes upright frames, rails, and ties to allow a vehicle to enter a storage rack structure from one side only and pick up or deliver pallets on continuous rails.  Drive-in rack is used to address repetitive products and serves to take advantage of cubic space available for storage, when such unit loads do not lend themselves to block stacking.

36) Electric overhead crane

A crane with a single or multiple girder (bridge girder) bridge carrying a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure with all or most movements powered by electric motors.

37) Double leg gantry

An overhead traveling crane designed so that the bridge carrying the trolley or trolleys is rigidly supported on two or more legs moving on fixed rails embedded in the floor (via end trucks attached to the bottom of each leg) or on wheels.

38) Full cantilevered jib crane

A form of wall mounted or column mounted jib crane that utilizes a vertical pivoted member and a bridge or mast that extends at right angles to the pivoting member.  This design adds the advantage of having the jib boom at the highest hook lift , thus taking advantage of an entire building height.

39) Drop cantilevered jib crane

Similar to a full cantilevered jib crane with the exception of a column or beam connection that allows the load beam or boom to be mounted at any point on the column or mast.

40) ESD container

Any container that is designed to dissipate electrostatic discharge via it's material composition or configuration.

41) ESD tote

A tote or bin that is designed to dissipate electrostatic discharge via it's composition materials or configuration.

42) ESD product

Any product designed to dissipate electrostatic discharge in it's construction or composition.

43) Double row, double face shelving

One generally continuous row of units joined together, back to back and side to side to be serviced from two service aisles.

44) Deadband

An unusable area extending from the face of an ultrasonic proximity sensor to the minimum sensing distance allowing for target detection where pulses are received too quickly to be accurately evaluated.

45) Data transmission

The use of sensors to transmit data via pulse-modulated light beam systems typically from host stations to mobile carriers such as AGV's or stacker cranes.