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31) Drive through rack

This rack is similar to drive-in rack except that the fork truck is capable of driving straight through the structure at any storage location along the aisle.

32) Drop cantilevered jib crane

Similar to a full cantilevered jib crane with the exception of a column or beam connection that allows the load beam or boom to be mounted at any point on the column or mast.

33) Drum turner

An attachment to a fork truck, lift table or below-the-hook on a hoist that enables that piece of equipment to turn over drums for filling and emptying.

34) Dunnage

Materials or devices used in the securing and/or bracing of products during shipments.

35) Dynamic storage system

A storage system that provides varying means of either mechanically moving storage locations or loads within the systems so as to increase storage density and/or to increase storage, retrieval and order picking throughput.

36) Echo

The time elapsed between pulse emission and reception that is used to determine target position in an ultrasonic proximity sensor.

37) Economic Justification

A comparison of alternative material handling equipment and the assessment of its impact on a company as far as taxes, depreciation, inflation and initial cost.  Generally does involve activity based costing.

38) Effective beam

The usable beam diameter in photoelectric transmitted beam sensing which equals the lens diameter of the light source and receiver.

39) Efficient Consumer Response

This initiative, begun in the grocery industry, that "links" all the components in the supply channel from the producer of the goods to the point of sale so as to create efficiencies in replenishments, inventory levels, promotions and new product introductions.

40) Efficient cubing

Refers to the optimal usage of the internal space of truck trailers.

41) Electric Hoist

A suspended machinery unit that is powered by electrically driven motors and is used to lift or lower a freely suspended (unguided) load.  Generally uses chain or wire rope as its lifting medium.

42) Electric overhead crane

A crane with a single or multiple girder (bridge girder) bridge carrying a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure with all or most movements powered by electric motors.

43) Electrification

The track mounted conductor system by which the moving equipment receives its electrical power. All of the electrical components that go into providing power to an electric overhead crane or jib crane.  These components may include power bar, collectors, collector rings, pendent stations, and tagline/festooning.

44) Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association (ECMA) Industry Group

Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association (ECMA) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of electrification and controlling devices. They supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

45) Electronic data interchange

A process by which the purchasing operation of one company is electronically linked with the order entry operation of another in order to "speed" ordering, reduce the amount of paperwork and hopefully keep errors to a minimum.