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46) Dispersion angle

The degree of the angle of light.

47) Echo

The time elapsed between pulse emission and reception that is used to determine target position in an ultrasonic proximity sensor.

48) Effective beam

The usable beam diameter in photoelectric transmitted beam sensing which equals the lens diameter of the light source and receiver.

49) Excess gain

The point at which just enough light intensity is present to trigger a photoelectric sensor given the usable area of the lens,  For example, an excess gain of two would mean that just enough light intensity is present to trigger a sensor with 50% of the lens obscured with contaminants.

50) First surface protection

The ability of polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensors to eliminate false operation as a result of shiny objects.

51) Fork or loop lever

A lever type limit switch that uses maintained contact and two wheels rotating around the ends of a "horseshoe" that pivots as the actuator to detect an object(s) moving in the forward and reverse direction.

52) Electrification

The track mounted conductor system by which the moving equipment receives its electrical power. All of the electrical components that go into providing power to an electric overhead crane or jib crane.  These components may include power bar, collectors, collector rings, pendent stations, and tagline/festooning.

53) Decking section

A completely fabricated decking assembly with reinforcing members ready for installation upon supporting storage rack framing.  One or more decking sections are used to form a shelf surface.

54) Dock lift

A lift whose travel is generally 5 feet (1524 mm) or less and which is primarily used to load/unload material from trucks and transfer it to dock or ground elevation.

55) Double wing pallet

A pallet constructed in such a way as to have the top deck extending out from opposite sides.

56) Double deck pallet

A pallet constructed of both a top and bottom deck or deckboards.

57) End effector

An attachment, such as grippers, spraying nozzles, welding tooling, and measuring devices, connected to the mechanical portion of a manipulator, balancers, positioner, or robot.  Generally designed to fit a certain need and or lifting situation but is not restricted to single task.

58) Drum turner

An attachment to a fork truck, lift table or below-the-hook on a hoist that enables that piece of equipment to turn over drums for filling and emptying.

59) Friction type pressure gripping lifter

A lifter that clamps the load and supports it by friction without causing permanent deformation of the load.

60) DC

In electrical terms, direct current (as opposed to AC which is alternating current).