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61) DC

In electrical terms, direct current (as opposed to AC which is alternating current).

62) Folding container

A container, either metal or plastic, with sides, ends, and a base so constructed that it can be folded to a flat configuration.

63) Dock bumper

Pieces of rubber located at the floor level of a dock opening to cushion the building from truck trailer impact.

64) Dock face

The outside wall of the dock door area.

65) Dock plate

A moveable metal ramp that allows access to a rail car or trailer.

66) Dock seal

A rubber or canvas covering that extends out from a dock face to seal the gap between the dock and the trailer's entrance.

67) Dock board

A device for bridging the gap between the warehouse and/or loading dock platform and a vehicle's load bed.

68) Dock leveler

A manually, hydraulically, or electrically operated plate, located at the dock entrance, that can be raised and lowered to accommodate varying trailer floor heights.

69) Dock shelter

A cover that protects the space between the door of a rail car or truck and a warehouse from inclement weather.

70) Dock

The sorting or staging platform where shipments are loaded or unloaded.

71) Expendable pallet

A pallet utilized for a single transaction and is not expected to be returned.

72) Fiberboard pallet

A pallet which is constructed from fiberboard material

73) Flush pallet

A pallet constructed in such a manner that there are no overhangs and the decks, both top and bottom, fit "flush" with the stringers on all sides.

74) Four way pallet

A pallet which, by its construction, allows forks of a lift to enter the pallet from both sides and ends.

75) Four way block pallet

A pallet which, by its design and construction, is accessible to a pallet jack from all four sides; a full four-way entry pallet.