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61) Exchange pallet

Refers to a pallet that is used by several shippers whose ownership is transferred when the ownership of the unit load is transferred.

62) Expendable pallet

A pallet utilized for a single transaction and is not expected to be returned.

63) Explosion proof

Equipment designed in accordance with existing codes and standards such that it will opearate in a specified hazardous environment without causing an explosion.  For further information, contact the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

64) Festoon

A configuration of small trolleys, support track, and electirical cable utilized to provide power to material handling devices while keeping the power cable out of harm's way.  The cable is looped or "festooned" by attaching to trolleys supported on a track. Thsi arrangment allows this cable to be "bunched" in an accordian-like fashion so as to keep the cable from becoming entangled in the movement pattern of the device it serves. Often utilized to "stretch" cable across the bridge of an overhead traveling crane.

65) Fiberboard pallet

A pallet which is constructed from fiberboard material

66) First surface protection

The ability of polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensors to eliminate false operation as a result of shiny objects.

67) Fixed-wall pallet container

Container that features an integrated pallet and has fixed side walls.

68) Flooring

The design of a floor in a building or mezzanine is an important ingredient in the reliability and safety of that building or mezzanine.  Worker-friendly floors are imperative if ergonomic considerations are to be addressed.  The strength and stability of the floor is an important consideration as the floor must adequately support the machinery and moving vehicles utilized in the material handling system.

69) Floor plans

A diagram of the operating floor of a building.  Generally shows the area of a building including structural features such as columns, offices and washrooms, break areas, stairwells, elevators, doors, windows and openings such as loading dock area.

70) Flow

Materials traveling on gravity or powered conveyor or without manual assistance.

71) Flow controller

Photo eye or similar device used to control materials discharge from upstream conveyor(s) under full line/choke conditions.

72) Flow rack

Storage rack that utilizes shelves (metal) that are equipped with rollers or wheels.  Such an arrangement allows product and materials to "flow" from the back of the rack to the front and therein making the product more accessible for small-quantity order-picking.

73) Fluid load

The direct loading of a trailer from a conveyor line.

74) Flush pallet

A pallet constructed in such a manner that there are no overhangs and the decks, both top and bottom, fit "flush" with the stringers on all sides.

75) Folding container

A container, either metal or plastic, with sides, ends, and a base so constructed that it can be folded to a flat configuration.