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1) Lift cart

A hand cart with a scissor or mast supported lifting platform.

2) Literature

The Material Handling Industry houses the Material Handling Institute Bookstore which contains a significant amount of literature related to the industry.  These offerings include introductory materials, standards and specifications, application guidelines for various types of equipment and "classic" papers on a variety of subjects penned by experts in the field of material handling equipment and processes. To access the literature offerings, please go to the MHIA Web site at .

3) Justmat

A comprehensive, user-friendly software decision support system geared for both individual and team use. Developed in visual basic for use on a PC in Microsoft Windows operating environment, the system supports the detailed analysis of discounted cash flow as well as the anticipated benefits that are not easy to quantify in terms of dollar returns. The software and the user manual come complete on a CD ROM. More details can be obtained by contacting the Material Handling Institute at 704-676-1190 or visiting the Institute Bookstore at .

4) Layout

Often referred to as a "floor plan".  The layout shows the utilization, in graphical representations, of the gross space for storage operations and supporting functions.

5) Line shaft diverter

Roller diverters used in line shaft conveyor to sort and redirect materials along a powered conveyor line. 

6) Lumbar Motion Monitor

An electronic device that is usually attached to the lumbar (lower back) portion of a worker's body and "records/reads" the types, frequency and amount of exertion on that worker's lumbar. An ergonomic tool to assist in preventing lower back injuries.

7) Kitting

The light assembly of component parts and sub-assemblies.  Performed primarily by warehouse personnel.

8) Label identification system

The system employed in identifying products and containers by use of various types of labels/placards/holders.

9) Landing gate

A gate to control personnel traffic at a landing.

10) Lift tables

A scissors lift device used to raise, lower, stack, convey and/or transfer material between two or more elevations and not limited to landing.

11) Lifting capacity

The rated load of a material handling lifting device (i.e., scissors lift, hoist) applied as uniformly distributed load.

12) Load bearing surface

Actual area of material in contact with and supporting a unit load.

13) Just-in-time

The practice of timing inbound material flows so that they can arrive just in time before they are required. This results in smaller inventories. A JIT system requires close links among forecasting, production, scheduling, and purchasing groups as well as suppliers and carriers.

14) Loading dock door

The openings in the loading dock area to the outside of a building. Loading dock doors are an important topic in planning and constructing a building. The rapidity of loading dock door opening is a consideration where some control of ambient temperature and humidity are required and often doors of this type are equipped to open automatically as a moving object approaches the door.

15) Live roller conveyor

The most common conveyor used in large warehouses and distribution centers. Rollers are powered through various means and therein producing movement in needed direction. The load is supported directly by the roller mounted in a frame.