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1) Jib crane

A stationary or fixed crane that utilizes a cantilevered bridge (girder) supported from a stationary vertical support.  The jib crane generally utilizes a lifting device (hoist) that is mounted on the horizontal boom (jib).

2) Just-in-time

The practice of timing inbound material flows so that they can arrive just in time before they are required. This results in smaller inventories. A JIT system requires close links among forecasting, production, scheduling, and purchasing groups as well as suppliers and carriers.

3) Justmat

A comprehensive, user-friendly software decision support system geared for both individual and team use. Developed in visual basic for use on a PC in Microsoft Windows operating environment, the system supports the detailed analysis of discounted cash flow as well as the anticipated benefits that are not easy to quantify in terms of dollar returns. The software and the user manual come complete on a CD ROM. More details can be obtained by contacting the Material Handling Institute at 704-676-1190 or visiting the Institute Bookstore at .

4) Kanban holders

A term meaning "signboard" in Japanese, refers to the instruction placards placed on warehouse carts containing materials scheduled for production.  In warehousing, Kanban is essentially the same as just-in-time (JIT).

5) Kitting

The light assembly of component parts and sub-assemblies.  Performed primarily by warehouse personnel.

6) Knock down container

A container whose sidewalls collapse. See also Collapsible container .

7) Label holder

The label holder acts as a label holding device that allows the user to label and relabel containers, racks and pallets.

8) Label identification system

The system employed in identifying products and containers by use of various types of labels/placards/holders.

9) Label placard

The label placard acts as a label holding device that allows the user to label and relabel containers, racks and pallets.

10) Labor Management Systems

Labor Management Systems optimize the deployment of labor resources by establishing realistic performance standards and matching those standards to planned activity for optimal scheduling.  Also used to monitor team and individual performance for pay and incentive purposes.

11) Landing gate

A gate to control personnel traffic at a landing.

12) Laser

An acronym for light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.  Converts energy into laser light which in turn, can be used to control the direction and movement of material handling equipment.

13) Layout

Often referred to as a "floor plan".  The layout shows the utilization, in graphical representations, of the gross space for storage operations and supporting functions.

14) Ledge type shelving

A shelving unit designed to accommodate two different depths of shelves. Larger shelves are placed at the bottom and the unit is stepped back with smaller shelves on top.  This step back forms a ledge across the face of the shelf. The shelving may be either open or closed type.  In some instances, a ledge unit can be added to a regular shelving unit.

15) Leg

An element attached to the base of a container that provides handling clearance and safe stacking.