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46) Open type shelving

Shelving unit with side and back of the unit open.  Various types of bracing are used to stabilize the unit.

47) Open upright shelving assembly

An assembly of two posts and one or more pair of side sway braces or panel sway braces welded, riveted or bolted together to form the side of a shelving unit.

48) Metal container

A receptacle (such as a box, enclosure) or a formed or flexible covering for the packing or shipment of articles, goods, or commodities. Containers may be constructed of plastic, welded wire, corrugated steel or aluminum.  To obtain more information on the features and benefits on materials used to construct containers, please click below: Industrial Metal Containers and Wire Decking (IMC&WD) Reusable Container and Pallet Association (RCPA)

49) Masked out

The design of an inductive loop sensor so that certain objects are not detected.

50) Multiple row, single face shelving

One generally continuous row of units joined together back to back to be serviced from one aisle for long items of considerable weight.

51) Multi level shelving

More than two levels tiered one on top of the other with each tier serviced from a separate level.

52) Mesh size

The center-to -center spacing of the wire elements on a wire mesh container. For example, a 2x2 = wires on two inch centers in both directions.

53) Nonstep beam

A beam that offers only one horizontal surface on which the rack decking can be placed.  Examples of nonstep beams are: "Box" sections, tubing channels, and I-beams.

54) Nonstep beam application

An application in which the area of wire decking support in confined to the surface area on the top of the front and rear beams fo the rack.

55) Molded pallet

A pallet formed  in a mold and made from plastic, wood particles or wood flakes.

56) Mechanical lifter

A lifter composed of two or more rigid parts that move with respect to each other to attach the load to the hoisting device. All movements of this grab as it attaches to the load are manually actuated.

57) Manifesting

The act of creating a statement which describes and/or lists the load on a vehicle in transit.

58) Non-folding container

A container with corners permanently helixed and is subject to the same specifications as "folding containers".

59) Non-corrugated steel container

A metal container fabricated from  corrugated steel sheet and with the same characteristics as corrugated steel containers.

60) Multiple trip pallet

A pallet designed and built for use in multiple trips and transports.