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16) Pneumatic pusher

An air-powered conveyor sortation device.  This device utilizes a ram and cylinder configuration and its movement is programmed to redirect packages and materials on a conveyor line.

17) Roller diverter

A device on a conveyor sortation system used to move a case/carton/piece off the main line.  This device utilizes "pop-up" type rollers to redirect the object in a predetermined direction.

18) Roller conveyor

A series of roller supported in a frame over which objects are advanced manually, by gravity, or by power.

19) Pnuematic puller

An air-powered conveyor sortation device.  This device is used to redirect packages and materials on a conveyor.  Pulling device travels beyond the object to be redirected and retracts, therein pulling the object in the desired direction.

20) Powered wheel diverter

A device on a conveyor sortation system used to move a case/carton/piece off the main line.  The device utilizes wheels(skate) that are powered to raise up form the conveyor bed and divert the objects in the desired direction.

21) Picking

The act of selecting and accumulating items that have been ordered, usually done under a well defined process that takes into account historical order patterns for all items eligible to be ordered.

22) Quick response

A "Just in Time" system that seeks to facilitate the timely replenishment of store stock at the retail level by vendors.  Such a system seeks to minimize the amount of inventory retained at the retail store level.

23) Plastic bin

Reusable container used for storing and shipping materials.

24) Photoelectric

A form of sensor that uses light to detect the presence or absence of a physical object.  See also Sensor .

25) Programmable logic controller

Serving to replace hard-wire and relays, the PLC can be changed (programmed) without changing wiring and tends to be highly reliable and fast-acting.  Industrial environments do not require fans, air conditioning or electrical filters to operate the PLC.  The PLC is relatively easy to program or change applications and is reusable and troubleshooting is self diagnosed.

26) Read/Write Tag

Technology that allows for a identification tag to be programmed and revised while the tag is still on the container, rack or pallet.

27) Pouch placard system

An identification/labeling procedure that utilizes plastic or paper pouches to house or container any necessary paperwork that should accompany a container, pallet or box.

28) Returnable container labeling

The method used to mark/identify returnable/reusable container and pallets to insure that they return to the proper destination.  Can be as simple as stenciling or as sophisticated as barcoding.

29) Platform/Fork length

The platform or fork dimension of a tilter as measured perpendicular to the hinged edge (tilt axis).  This is considered the side of the platform or fork.

30) Pantograph leg section

The articulated support mechanism characterized by a single central pivot axis, and commonly referred to as the scissors leg assembly.